The I have the best mom bragging thread

Discussion in 'General' started by incrededibles, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. She sends me Reddit cats everyday. Let me try on nail polish as a wee kid even tho my dad was disturbed. Gave me a gift card for massages as a graduation gift and a journal
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  2. Your mom is a beautiful and open minded person. We should all be so blessed.
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  3. What's a Reddit cat? My mom could make the best pies in the world and she was truly a saint.
  4. My mother's been going thru a midlife crisis lately...and its pretty embarrassing

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  5. Creampie? seriously what type of pie? I live and die for pie, indeed the well known soccer chant 'who ate all the pies' was scripted for my goodself after an altercation with a pieman back in the 80s.
  6. Pecan, fruit, and yes, some cream pies. If you want to make a pie I can give you an easy recipe for the best pecan pie ever. It takes 10 minutes to make plus oven time.
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  7. Yes please we don't often eat those kinds of pie here and I love them. Savoury pies are my favourite. I seen something earlier about some American Company bringing out sausage rolls but giving them some daft name....the name of which forgets me d'oh.
  8. My mom tells me my plants look good when I know they look like shit :smoke: :smoking: and makes good oxtail
  9. My mother abandoned me as a child, giving me the necessary skills to take care of myself later in life

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  10. My mum takes me to buy weed lol and she's also got me 2 glass bongs before :confused_2:

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