The Hyphy Movement

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Bleezie_King, May 23, 2006.

  1. What it do do? It's tha Bay boy Bleezie_King showin' ya'll some slap raps from some of tha Bay Area's most crackin' rappers! Some include Mac Dre, E-40, Keak Da Sneak, B-Legit, Messy Marv, The Luniz, San Quinn, Andre Nickatina, Yukmouth, Federation, The Frontline, Ya' Boy, Mista F.A.B., and alot of others. Life on the streets, not even 'cause they all bosses gettin' their bread, every last crum. Go there if u interisted in the slappest rap. Thizz is what it is!
  2. Yeeeeee

  3. Then get rid of that Dodgers crap out your avitar, then u can say that. And for me, it's hey, hey!
  4. you dont know me so dont tell me what to do.
  5. this is to whoever gave me neg rep ( :rolleyes: ) :

    fuck the giants and that bitch ass who is full of steroids. i wont say his name cause i get a dirty taste in my mouth when i do.
  6. when I saw that Dodger sign in your sig, my eyes began to have a burning sensation and I threw up. Just the sight of it makes me feel like that, but then I remembered the Giants (hell yeah!) and remembered how they kicked the Dodgers' ass 5-1 and was instantly cured! It's like magic, and you're just jelous that u don't have Bonds. Fuck that traitor, Jeff Cunt is his name.
  7. im not gonna fight with you about who the better team is...cause we all know its the dodgers....just look at the standings.
  8. i dont know what the hell your trying to do. so get hi and shut the fuck up
  9. are you talking to me?
  11. Just wait until the season is over and the Giants are in first and the Bums are in 3rd or 4th. And why is it when that its only when that "bitch ass" and the Giants come to town that you guys bother to show up to game before the 3rd inning?
  12. HAHA FUCK THE GIANTS yall is jus still mad cuz the angels beat ya in the world series a few years back...

    giants will never be winners as long as that steroid shootin monkey is in uniform.

  13. LA jealous of SF??? umm i think not... look just because bonds shoots his load in ur butt while hes gettin a load of roids in his doesnt make us jealous. so just stfu and let the players do the talkin
  14. I agree. lets the players do the talking. The Giants will win the division, and the bums wont make the playoffs. you think i'm wrong? you'll see in september.
  15. wow, for a thread about the Hyphy Movement, it sure has gone off-topic.

    well, I'm definitely not from the Bay, but seriously, who doesn't go dumb to Thizzle Dance?

    Mac Dre (RIP) is pretty bomb, 3C Romp is tight too.
    Mac Dre and Andre Nickatina in A Tale of Two Andres was awesome

    my only complaint would have to be that most of the music doesn't have better production quality.

    but besides that, all that is comin' outta the bay is rockin


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