The Hydroponic Bible (Paperback)

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    The Hydroponic Bible[​IMG]

    Product Description
    Growing marijuana hydroponically indoors has become the preferred method to cultivate cannabis. Growing marijuana hydroponically is not as hard as it looks, but it does require you to know what you are doing. That is why a guide, like The Hydroponic Bible, is of vital importance! Whether you a novice cultivator or an experienced cultivator with a Phd in Hydroponic Marijuana you should read this book. This book, to the cultivator, is the equivalent of the periodic table to the chemist.

    The Hydroponic Bible[​IMG]
  2. is it now
    nah just kidding, i know nothing about growing.

  3. Maybe you should give a few of these very informative books a read. :smoke:
  4. Sounds interesting, but is it really good, i want to know everything from A to Z about hydroponics and now i'm trying to get the best (if possible) book about it. I'll appreciate any experienced advices.

  5. it a good book .got it off the the net for free. the bible is a great tool.a few good videos by high times help me.
  6. Is it safe to buy books like these off amazon?
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  8. anyone know where i can download this book for free? PM me plz
  9. Bought this book in the Kindle edition. And I must say that I am extremely disappointed in this book. I am about 70% through the book and just read the first paragraph regarding Hydroponics.

    Seriously how can you have a book titled "The Hydroponics Bible" and almost 3/4 of the book has nothing to do with Hydroponics. It just doesn't make any sense.

    The whole first half of the book should have been fodder for another book on Cannabis laws or something. Definitely did not need to be in this book or at least not in such detail.

    Edit: more than 1/4 of the book was going down state by state going into detail of the laws regarding Marijuana.

  10. such a disappointment smh... i was hoping this book was as good as it looked

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