The Human Torch (Warning: Pretty Graphic)

Discussion in 'General' started by whitewarrior, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. Dude.... what the fuck?? Why?????? :confused:
  2. That has to be the worst way to die. The part where hes moving at the end disturbs me the most.
  3. It reminded me of that scene in Waking Life where they guy burns himself up in the park..
  4. Wow, that's fucked up. The end was disturbing, and usually I'm not really affected by videos like this.
  5. Yeah like the monks in veitnam.

    Im glad I didnt open it.
    Burning people.....MMM No thanks.

    What/if anything, Where they protesting?
  6. The worst was the guy who set himself and jumped out the window, what drives people to do that, suicide shouldnt be that rough...
  7. I dont really know what to say, other than thats wild.
  8. How could he stay still the whole time?
  9. iv seen every gore video out there so this video does not grose me out but it is still pretty mest up... ogrish is a website with lots of videos like this....the grosest video by far is the russian/chechen videos where they behead really brutaly russian soldeirs.
  10. I think his joints just kinda locked in the standing position. I wouldn't want to move if I was that charred. That'd fucken suck.
  11. wow why the hell would you do that? It's weird how the guy casually walks over hits him with the rug a couple times then gives up, I'd be freaking out. Where is this anyway?
  12. wait does that one guy jumping out the window die??
  13. Obviously lol.
  14. That doesnt disgust any of you? and how the hell an you watch a beheading? cmon people...
  15. i thought there were laws agenst posting people dieing on these sites...
  16. Damn..nothing toxic has some real shit on there.
  17. Are we thinking of the same one? I know they didn't behead the Russians but they cut their throats one by one infront of each other and it took 'em like 2 minutes to bleed out. They just flopped around like fish for 2 minutes. That video really made me think about life, I couldn't sleep good that night.
  18. There are laws, but this is the internet.

    I've been watching videos like this since I was 14-15. This doesn't disgust me anymore. I realise that everybody's time comes, and watching these can only de-sensitise someone. (Maybe I am wrong.)

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