The human race will split into 2 sub-species in 100,000 years!

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    BBC NEWS | UK | Human species 'may split in two'

    Opinions? Do you call bullshit? Will this happen? Why wouldn't it? Why it would?

    It would be so weird to time travel 100,000 years into the future to see our species divide into two. It would be a sad moment, I would probably cry if this ever happened (for real).

    We've been trying to uphold every human being as equal for a long time and to think that humanity will split into 2 kinds of humans: one sub species will be the dominant class, they would be tall, attractive, slim, etc. The lower class of humans will be short, ugly, trollish like creatures. :confused_2:
  2. Eh. Where are all the people that cry for animal rights? If there are enough people wanting to have animals treated fairly and no longer be used for the exploitation of humanity, I'm sure these hobbit men will be regarded in the same way.
  3. Thats if we can survive 100 years.
  4. This will only happen if we do not mature and evolve mentally.

    That is, among other things, a maturity that looks beyond appearances and surface feelings, a maturity that understands the importance of morality and purity of character in preserving the human race.

    I believe we are destined to evolve a much greater sense of love and compassion rather than less, but it is an uphill battle and a mass regression could begin again if we are not careful.

    The uphill struggle doesn't begin in a species, or a race, or a nation, or a town or community, but in each of us, each and every individual. We all have the capacity for love and compassion, so why choose hate and envy? That's the easy path. It's easy to hate. It's easy to just melt into our comfortable furniture while others are going through unbearable suffering. We are better than that. Nothing truly worth having is easy.
    Choose the difficult path. You will be making more of a positive difference than you might think.

  5. Optimist...that's if we get past the next 3-7 years.
  6. in 100,000 years we're going to have machines surgically embedded in our bodies right after birth that will grow with us and make us superhuman and connect all of our minds to Google. what happens when humans control the environment? we control our evolution.
  7. divided into two sub species sounds better then being a big group of monkeys in which they divide themselves based on small differences... such as hair, skin color, accent, social status.. ect
  8. Oh how I wish you guys would read The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception that was written in the early 1900's, that says that Man will split into 2 races in the future lol. I think I might have actually posted it on here somewhere.

    I'm always joyed when science catches up to previously known hidden knowledge.

    I have to go, but when I get back I will look for it in the book and post it for you guys.
  9. one sub species will be the dominant class, they would be tall, attractive, slim, etc. The lower class of humans will be short, ugly, trollish like creatures.

    ZOMG! Tall, slim, attractive = Elves
    Short, ugly, trollish = Hobbits

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  10. Will give a whole new meaning to racism!
  11. 1% vs 99% some might say there are already 2 sub-species.
  12. Brave New World anyone?
  13. I thought we already had.... Dems and Repubs (way of thinking)
  14. [quote name='"DenialTwist"']1% vs 99% some might say there are already 2 sub-species.[/quote]

    I hear that

  15. You could also say H.G. Wells thought about it:

    The Time Machine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  16. The upper class will replace the lower class with machines long before this.
  17. we sit here waiting for it to come it like a pair of new nikes. Somone out there thinks superior of himself, this is the real division. We all fit in that category in one way or another all things being relative.
  18. its phesable that the upper class will sexually select themselves out of normal humanity, but i doubt the lower class will be like goblins...

    humans have always been choosy about their sex partners, and always will. We have evolved to look civilized and be smart and attractive already, and that was carried on from the time of vikings and crusaders.

    i think the upper class will resember something like the elves, while the lower class will have more diversity, and hybrids. they will still value things that make them better, and so will their evolution.
  19. WOAH it's called evolution! Were going to have to evolve into something different sooner or later :)
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    Yea but in this case its the dominant sub species that is short, ugly, and trollish. :rolleyes:


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