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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Ironhead, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. Sup Iron! I hope you and the family are knee deep into some continued good times this holiday season.

    Btw, I been watching you throw down with the food too!
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  2. Has anyone heard from Iron
    i guess he is posting food pics somewhere
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  3. I'm assuming ig

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  4. He posts on IG frquently

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  5. I guess Im wood OH Well I tried.
  6. I think Irons head (see what I did there?) is wrapped more around family duties since the latest bundle arrived. He posts bud pics but lately it's been alot more cooking for the fam than anything.

    I'll be surprised if he's even gotten any free time for the grow construction lol
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  7. Yup
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  8. Hey bro did you change the method?? I'm just now getting back to the method after one great successful grow with it in 2015/2016 I just bought everything from the original formula...also is this kid #2 now congrats brotha

  9. im pretty sure he has switched to ANs coco specific line so he doesnt run GH anymore. mickfoster still runs it with GH i believe and has a good thread.

    as far as brand its personal preference. iron gave me some info on how much he feeds and how often and i ran canna coco with great success and others run GH, he runs AN.

    his main thing is he feeds 4x a day in flower @ low EC feedinds. with his old method he was feeding around 2-2.5 EC in one feeding where now he is down to .4-.8 EC feedings
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  10. no more burnt tips
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  11. So is there a specific schedule layout like the old method I'm on page 4 on this thread an would like to know more TIA
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  12. man to be honest i dont think so. no plain water. no epsoms or cal/mag in the daily feedings. coco specific nutrients have extra cal/mag added so you dont have to compensate for that except when pre charging your coco.

    then from there i think he sticks to the AN feed schedule, but at low doages since he feeds 4x a day.

    he is at .8-1 EC, 2x feedings a day in veg, and .4-.8 EC, 4x a day in veg depending on strain
  13. Hello all. Been a while since I posted in here. Oops!

    I have since moved on from Advanced nutrients.. possibly user error, but I just couldnt get it to work for me. Mainly the multi feedings.. I was pulling my hair out and not getting it right. Harvest weight has been at an all time LOW... I used to get 40-50 zips a month and then it was 15-20 in the same setup.. what the hell.

    So I dumped Advanced nutrients... got rid of every bottle I had(and it was a lot) and bought some Maxibloom from General Hydroponics.. a powdered nutrient. So fuckin easy! 4 grams to a gallon of tap water got me right to 750ppm and 5.9 ph.

    Also tried out Veg+Bloom and I love the stuff. It’s also just as easy.. 4 grams per gallon from rooted clone to harvest. Dunno why I didn’t try the powdered nutrients before.

    So I also ditched the small containers.. gonna go back to 5+ gallons of coco and perlite at a 50/50 ratio. And water every other day in veg, and every day in flower after the first couple weeks.

    Since doing this I’ve already gotten much better response from the plants. Loving the Veg+Bloom and MaxiBloom... just not sure which one I’m gonna run. Decisions. Ha

    Anyways.. just wanted to throw that all out there. Still haven’t finished my room cause the yield has been so fuckin low I can barely even make my half of the bills. This will change in 2018. Back to the basics for me. No 20 bottles of this and that. I need to grow quality and quantity if I want to keep doing this.
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  14. @Ironhead
    Sup bruman! I hope all is well with y'all. I see you constantly whippin up some good eats there...them damn steak pics make me hungry every time lol!
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  15. YUM_O
    Good to see ya Bro
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  16. Hey iron glad your back and answered your pm.

    Sent via my pet rock.
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  17. Hey Iron, hope this finds you & yours enjoying the New Year, that's some good looking young man whose pic you posted awhile back!!!
    I've been off the Forum more than on, decided to look around today and saw your latest post. I'll be watching how the powdered grows work out for ya. I've migrated to RO water & General Hydro's expert recirculating formulas, and was quite satisfied until recently. Since trying several auto strains of Dutch Passion, seems I've been fighting calcium deficiencies. Suspected that, and when I took down my last Blackberry Kush, pretty well confirmed it. The plant was a beautiful purple all over but root mass was some of the smallest I'd seen in ages and yield sucked. Think I got it under control now with 4mL / gal. Cal-Mag, and also thinking Dutch Passion auto's just don't yield like some past efforts with TH Seeds, Blimburn, others.
    Ennyways, I ramble as I always do :)
    I get your point about 20 bottles of everything. Keep me posted how your yields do with the Maxi. I got a shit ton of supplements for GH but I'm always open to easier / simpler.
    Bestaluck, Bro, be seeing ya!
  18. Hard to stop by without leaving a little BudPorn :)
    One of the prettiest (and most disappointing) plants I've ever grown - Dutch Passion Blackberry Kush.
    Great smoke, and She's beautiful until you get her clothes off, then nothing but wispy buds & poor yield :(
    4 oz. in 70 days, barely breaks even with the wife's medical needs
    Oh well, whistle at her as she walks by....

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  19. Pretty Plant for sure
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    Hey Iron how ya been? Ditched A.N. and back too GH? I've been thinking about trying AN.. but I'm getting close to 3 LB a light with the Flora trio expert drain to waste.. SM90 and Canazyme, Drip clean as well. ✌

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