The House Just Stripped Medical Marijuana States Of Protection From The DEA

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by andy85258, Dec 8, 2017.

  1. The House Just Stripped Medical Marijuana States Of Protection From The DEA

    I can only hope the racist idiot sessions gets smacked down by congress yet again. THe man just wont quit.
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  2. And this is what we get for having a bunch of Republicans in control of the country. The fucking gremlins, every thing they touch they screw. There you go.
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  3. Dear Jeff Sessions. Fuck you.
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  4. It is extended until December 22nd, it still can be included in the budget for 2018 but is currently up in the air.
  5. Call / write your representative now.
  6. Yeah it's the evil republicans. Tell me sir how bammy and slick fought to take weed off schedule one ?? I voted for President Trump and would do so again. Having said that there are many like Sessions I loathe. Why is it people of your mindset see any republican as the devil and any democrat as pure as snow? For the record in my state there is a republican state senator introducing and pushing medical marijuana legislation and my senator Joe Donnally a democrat, is on record opposing ANY form of legalization including CBD oil for the known uses it has. I would have voted for Donnaly if he supported the first steps to legalization.
  7. Although I wish sessions was a street sweeper instead of AG can you explain to me how this makes him a "racist"??

    Or is it simply he is white and opposes legalization? Or are you simply projecting your own racism onto him?
    Simple minded accusations of racism in instances like this only serve to tune out people who are sick of the race card being played for any slight. It's why race relations are going backwards not forwards. Focus on the issue, don't devide people who are allies on a subject by alienating every white person who doesn't suffer white guilt. Like me.
    Perfect example is what the cock gobbler goodel just did in the nfl. He took $90 million dollars from existing programs to pay BLACKmail and most of it comes from Breast Cancer awareness. So what few fans there still are goodel just alienated the women. Pretty smart if your trying to fly the nfl into the ground.
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    considering he thought the kkk were good people until he found out they smoked weed and calling out the voting rights act as "intrusive" Jeff Sessions Calls Voting Rights Act 'Intrusive' . i beleive its fair enough to say he is racist until proven otherwise.
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  9. :blush:
    Can you provide real evidence of such a claim? Or is it something you just heard?:D
    You do know that the KKK was started by the post civil war democrats and it was a republican that freed the slaves?
    But go ahead and continue to get lost in the weeds :yay: and lose sight of the goal.
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  10. Colleague, transcripts offer closer look at old allegations of racism against Sen. Jeff Sessions - CNNPolitics

    CNN article where he makes such a statement, regardless if it was in jest or not the damage was done and he really shouldn't have made a comment like that. but like most human beings you will not read the whole thing and attack the titling instead im sure. The man is a child of the segregated south. it isint a stretch to believe he holds racist views, especially in light of his past comments.
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    I read the whole thing. It's done by the Clinton News Network which automatically make is a hit piece. There were quotes from numerous people that he was fair and by at least one black us atty that defended him. I make no judgement if he is racist or not. He may be. He may not be.
    My point is and this is where I drill you and will continue to hold your feet to the fire. The issue is marijuana and you keep wanting to make his views on it all about race. It's what race baiters and the real racists do as a point of debate. Vilinize the person in every way possible to undermine their view on the topic at hand. I'm not defending him. I'm calling YOU out for making it a racial issue when there was no mention of race involved with the budget issue. You strive to make every issue you can about race so someone will feel white guilt and shut up. And that's not me. Your service at a reastarant was slow so simply must be about race. Not that the place was under staffed or the server just wasn't any good. I don't know if your black white asian or "other". But your sure obsessed with it. It detracts from any argument you have on other subjects when you make that part of your debate.
    Tell me if you think it possible that a black man is in any able to be a racist? Or like some try to say it's a blacks right to hate whitey because blacks have been so mistreated? I mean we have slaves right hear in the country now. Look at the nfl and they way those black men are treated. Millions and mansions. Oh the horror.
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  12. Hey pal did I say Demos are pure? NO I did not! I think demos are just as corrupt as the Republicans but no you think they are all pure. Go ahead vote for Trump again and thank him when the DEA kicks down your fucking door for smoking weed. AGAIN! I will repeat this. I hate BOTH DEMOCRATES AND REPUBLICANS but I hate Repubicans more. But go ahead continue assuming you know who I am.
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  13. And here is where I throw you into the fucking furnace. Yes it is VERY possible to be black and racist but asswipes like you love to think it's not possible becase "Oh black people were so mistreated we would never do that to someone else." BULLSHIT! I have seen so many blacks actually want white people to be enslaved so they will know what it feels like. You know, making people of today pay for the crimes of their ancestors. Makes a shit lot of sense to me. There you go.
  14. One good republican does not make all of them good. The reublicans of today are beyond corrupt. Oh and by the way. Bernie Sanders is a DEMOCRATE and he was going to push for total legalization if elected. Oh well maybe next time.
  15. And liberals have no business owning firearms. Your a mad at the world child who thinks it should all be the way you want it. And free. Now go to to your antifa meeting n
  16. Eh whatever, if i leave it at calling him a self rightous pile of dicks would it unwad your panties? This thread has been quite hilarious though. Never seen so much triggering between people on here before.
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  17. One nation under bud fellas

    This is just what they want us to do goddammit!!
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  18. True. But some want to combine their agendas and when they don't get the approval they expect they wonder why. Sessions is a dick.

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