The Hotel Chelsea

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  1. Is anyone else as fascinated with this building as I am?

    As you can tell by my avatar, I'm a big Edie Sedgwick fan. I always feel like I was born in the wrong era. Although I believe Andy Warhol to be an asshole, the story of the Factory, and subsequently the Chelsea Hotel.. and its past always intrigues me.

    Edie stayed there, almost burned the place down.

    The idea of a hotel that houses artists for cheap, or even free, is amazing.

    So many writers, artists, actors, etc.. lived there - 2001: A Space Odyssey was written in this hotel amongst multiple other works.

    And it has its share of creepy deaths shrouded in mystery - most notably Nancy Spungen, girlfriend of Sid Vicious. I believe there are even pictures of her dead body under a sink around the internet somewhere.

    I'm watching "Chelsea Walls" right now - a movie directed by Ethan Hawke, who is ehh, but the movie is really interesting.

    I've always wanted to stay there for just a night (Lord knows I probably couldn't hack being there for more than that, what with their eccentric long-term guests during any given decade). I always wonder how it is today.

    Also, in re: to Edie Sedgwick - I never really knew who she was until a few years ago, but her story is incredible. She was the first real "It" girl. Check out the movie "Factory Girl" if you ever get a chance - I think Sienna Miller does a great Edie.

    I also got a hold of some old Warhol movies - Beauty #2 and Poor Little Rich Girl. The quality is compromised, but its crazy to just watch her putting her makeup on, talking to Andy... talking on the phone.

    Really interesting!
  2. sounds nlike a hotel named after bill clintons dddaughter,,,,

    proably rat-infested:cool:
  3. ive wanted to see factory girl since it came out...but since we all have to agree on the movies we rent i havent had the chance...:(
    ill be sure to watch it first op tho
  4. really, its unnecessary to be insulting over one of the most important buildings in american art and literature

    its a good film. I think they're fairly accurate with her story - the person Hayden Christiansen plays is really supposed to be Bob Dylan, but i think they changed a little bit there because the events weren't entirely clear.

    you can always download a torrent of it :)
  5. dont mind chicken...he means no harm...dont take ANYTHING he has to say to heart...well...most of anything..soemtimes hes serious..but youll kno when if you ever see it
  6. skittlette; my private shrink///:p
  7. ;)
    i just kno my blades is all

    srry im not back on aim yet...the person that was sposed to come get us got caught up but is on their way ill be gone soon enough:rolleyes:

    but yeah....chicken man just kids a lot and is generally sarcastic in anyway that he can be...hes like a youngin trapped in burly middle aged bears
  8. its totally blasphemous though, joke or not.

    that's like saying "wow, sistine chapel... sounds like it was named after a sissy boy post op tranny named Christine"

    if you're joking chicken, ok.. fine... but i was hoping to get serious responses, not jokes.
  9. im not too big in art or literature,,,,,,

    too me a hotel is somewhere you take a hooker,,,,,
    john edwards did it,,,,,

    i just follow examples,,,,:rolleyes:
  10. I never heard of it before, but I went and looked it up after reading this thread. It sounds very interesting....the building serves as quite a muse. Maybe the next time I'm in that area of the city, I'll see if I can stop by for a tour or something. I wonder how much the board is? Probably pretty hefty :eek:
  11. nowadays i'm sure the rent is pretty steep. It's more of a residence for artists, writers, etc... and back in the day the owner used to let people stay for free or cheap as long as they gave him a piece of their art.

    I think now its 60% long term residents and they have rooms to rent short-term like if you're visiting on vacation or whatever. The nightly rates are a little high as well - the 1 bedroom with shared bathroom isn't too too bad, but why would you want a shared bathroom?

    here's their actual site for anyone interested in checking it out:

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