the horrors of the war on drugs in Mexico

Discussion in 'Politics' started by archaon, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. I stand amazed by this "accident" that happende just a while ago,2933,447044,00.html
    The war on drugs in Mexico has recently escalated in violence and today something amazingly odd happened, most people inside that plane where the ones in charge of the new penal reform and the battle against organized crime.

    Tell me what you think, because I live in Mexico and I have learned that this things normaly are not accidents because narcs in this country are extremely powerfull and bloodthirsty.
    To me this was no accident...
  2. So you think the crime bosses staged this?
  3. well they usually do, most attorneys and important security functionaries (specially in the northern states) have being killed withing a month of taking office and sometimes they don't make it that long, so from prior experience I would assume it was.
    And it's a truly grim situation here in Mexico, kidnappings, executions, and crime in general has gone from bad to worse since the president proclaimed a war against organized crime.
  4. my cuz told me this, he was on the phone wit his wife in mexico and she told him. his first thought was "it was probably the stupid narcs" and it probably was.....
  5. Dude I was thinking the same thing when I read this off of my RSS feed...Mexico is in a lot more trouble than I thought.
  6. not to mention that one of the guys in the plane had a huge price in his head, he had been hunting narcs for about 15 years and there had already been attempts against his life.
  7. Mexico is destroying itself and unfortunately the figures that are supposed to help do no want to do anything about it.

    where are you from I live in the border city across from Juarez? so far we have had 1,200 this year.
  8. I live in mexico city
  9. what's it like from your perspective?
  10. This has been going on for a few years, since Vicente Fox decided to try and crack down on Mexican drug cartels. After the DEA started tamping down on the drug industry in Columbia it moved north into Mexico. I think something like 7,000 people have died violent, drug related deaths in the past two or three years. The top officer in the country resigned a few days ago. There have been mass killings (i.e. police find twelve people beheaded in a school parking lot and four others a couple blocks over.) Recently the U.S. signed a security pact with Mexico on this very issue. We'll see what happens.

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