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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by littlegrower, May 23, 2006.

  1. hey everyone, earlier i planted a seed and sprouted up a plant it is now bout a foot tall living in the woods very healthy. bout 2 weeks ago i planted 16 orange/kush 12 sprouted!! i put them into ground and gave em i return to my site my big plant is healther than ever and my little ones were mauled. only 1 was untouched others were chewed on and the rest only had the stem left... what the fuck is this!!!!!:eek:
  2. Deer or Rodent. Get chicken wire/fencing.
  3. I am all about organic, and for many reasons. I use blood meal becouse it is a natural deterent. I have never had a problem with animals and or rodents.
  4. Hey Littlegrower -

    My guess would be snails or slugs. (deer always get blamed but it is usually Snails & Slugs doing the damage) They tend to eat plants early in the plants life and by the time the plant is about 3 feet tall they leave them alone. I have had slugs eat everything (leaves & stems) but the main stock of a 2 foot plant over night. They are slick little bastards (pun intended) and love to eat hops (used to make beer) and pot plants. Best natural way to deal with slugs & snails is to take a small plastic dish and put 2 inches of beer in it. Place it close to the plant and come back in a couple of days. I have come back to find 30 or so dead slugs in the beer. I used beer for 2 summers but it became too much work. I was always buying cheap beer and refilling the plastic every couple of days so if you don't mind using un-natural pest products - try a product call slug & snail bait. I spread it on the ground about 4 feet from my plants and it last about 6 weeks. I have not had any problems since.....

    Kisses -
  5. Broken shells work well for snails, I want to try the beer trick. Cayenne pepper works for other pest, urine works as well. I think it's an unfamiliar or srtong smell.
  6. Make a circle of salt around the plants if any of the slugs pass through it they will burn...
  7. Hello,
    If there was traces of "Slime" it was slugs & snails,um if you live anywhere's in BC Canada beer don't work! 'slug&snail Bait work the best. If the area around where you plants are was trampled and hoof prints left behind,well then it was deer....and PEE and HUMAN hair is the only thing that keeps them away!

    Good Luck,
  8. hey what if someone found the hair and did a DNA test on it, would that be a problem?
  9. thanks everyone.. everytime im at my site i "leave my scent" all around the border. i dont think its deer.. but ive seen snails around there i was already considering the salt idea. i guess ill try the beer trick.. the thing i dont get is why do they need to feast on marijuana when theres soooo muce vegetation around.... thanks for tipps and keep ideas coming. if this helps... also my big plant was the only one in a pot. and my smaller ones were in a tray before and were untouched. later
  10. i love the dna hair test idea but by any chance would cat hair work? just wondering and i live in illinois.
  11. if its deer ...the only thing to use is moth balls ....and if its slugs the beer method works great.
  12. Ask your local hairdresser if you can sweep his floor.

    On a day you have not had your hair cut, of course.
  13. I keep meaning to try the beer idea, but by the time I have tested the beer to make sure it is OK, there is suddenly none left.
  14. dont they need a root intact to dna profile a hair sample?
  15. you people are too paranoid

    just think about the hair being tested, would that hold in court? dont think so:cool:
  16. Just because you´re paranoid, that doesn´t mean they are NOT out to get you.
  17. but worrying about every little thing, like hair and finger prints on pots is silly. its too trivial to even waste time thinking about it
  18. Fuck im glad i live in CANADA......if im busted with under 50 plants ...ill will get a slap on the wrist....serious without any previous charges im free... you fuckers in the States i feel for my fellow dope bros....get caught with 50 there ....its almost the death i love canada....might as well call us

    Grow green ..... go Green.
  19. WTF are you talking about a slap on the wrist buddy, Do you wanna spend over 14 years in provincial prison? I dont think so.

    Penalties for Growing Marijuana

    The production of marijuana in Canada is currently punishable by up to seven years imprisonment. The new marijuana legislation creates different offences depending on the size of the marijuana growing operation.
    The penalties for growing marijuana under the new marijuana legislation would be
    • for growing one to three plants, the penalty would be a fine of up to $5000 and/or 12 months in jail
    • for growing four to 25 plants, the penalty would be a fine of up to $25,000 and/or 18 months in jail, or if pursued by indictment, five years less a day imprisonment
    • for growing 26 to 50 plants, a sentence of up to ten years would apply
    • for growing more than 50 plants, the sentence could be up to 14 years.
    Now dont tell me thats a slap on the wrist... I've been in trouble with cops about weed and its not that pretty. By the way I also live in canada:smoking:
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  20. I find it worrying that someone is growing and not aware of the possible very severe penalties. A bit of basic homework badly needed.

    Glad I don´t live in Canada - or the US.

    Viva España !!!!

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