the hookah my gf got me for x-mas

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  1. What do you guys think?

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  2. I don't smoke hookah. I do like it though!
  3. For a small, personal use hookah, that thing looks amazing. If I were smoking out of it, I would feel like a gnome in an enchanted forest. The only problem I see with it, is that the ash pan looks like it's underneath the big mushroom, so if the seal gets a bit resiny, there could be potential problems with knocking the top of that mushroom off. But other than that, definitely a 10/10 piece.

    Also, might I recommend one of these for you? Large Ceramic Hookah bowl with wind cover: Everything Else

    That way, you don't have to worry about a hot coal going flying when somebody knocks into it.
  4. It's amazing!
    Do you use it for shisha or do you put weed in it?
    Shisha is very common here in Dubai....I think my favorite flavor is coconut.
  5. I mix my shisha and weed together. My favorites are watermelon and vanilla raspberry. I'm wondering what the OP is smoking out of that thing too.

    Also, OP, you should call that thing "The Shire", haha.
  6. Oh! Ever since I first tried shisha I thought it would be amazing with weed mixed in...but here there isn't any weed to be found. I can't wait to go home and try the combination.
    Vanilla raspberry sounds delicious!
  7. If you're in Dubai, I'm positive there's weed to be found, especially with all the rich people around.
  8. I've been here 2 years and haven't found a single person that knows where to find weed. I do know a few people who can get hash but I'm not into that.
  9. Awesome hookah man i want to try hookah but dont know how much nicotine it has if one hookah sesh is equivelant to like 1 cig then ill try
  10. Like twenty hookah sessions miiiight equal one cig lol. There's like .05% nicotine in a whole 250g tub of shisha
  11. You can get herbal shishas that aren't made with tobacco. These have no nicotine and have more flavor IMO. If you want to know about hookahs, check the guide in my signature.
  12. oh god that thing is awesome! I never mix shisha and weed together, I hear the weed doesn't burn very well - that said I have't tried it. I generally just have a piece or joint going.

    Enjoy the hookah though
  13. Oh, it burns very well, and you get incredibly baked when hookahs are done right.

  14. guess I will have to give it a go when I return to school in January, just read your guide. very helpful
  15. I use it for weed lol
  16. Its actually about the size of a volleyball lol I used to have a mini portable hookah but find that nice stationary hookahs get you really ripped lol

  17. You got bigger balls than most men, didn't a guy go to jail for a couple years after found having a roach stuck to the bottom of his shoe?

    He was an American tourist on business and was thrown in jail over less than .1

    How in the fuck do you build up the courage to ask people where to find bud after that?!
  18. Haha my first idea for a name was "Stony Island" or just "The Island" also I've been smoking just some good delicious nuggets out of it so far. Haven't tried any flavored shishas yet but I'd like to.
  19. Thanks! It hits like a champ and I can't wait to looking for other bowl pieces for it.
  20. Thanks!! I will definitely read more on your helpful guide next chance I get!

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