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The Honey Bee Extractor

Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by Silent Bob_, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. I wasn't sure where to put this, so I put it in the Seasoned Tokers section because I figured you guys would have the most info on it. Does the honey bee extractor make budder/wax, hash oil, or what? It's just a simple butane extraction, and that's how you make budder and wax, but everyone refers to it as oil? I just want to know what it is before I commit to buying it. Thanks all.
  2. oil is any solvent extracted hash. what this tube will produce is BHO (butane honey oil aka errl), depending on what you use you will end up with any possible form of it, be it amber glass, wax, budder or some other delicious consistency.
  3. Well this is the toking tools section. probably the best place for it anyway:smoke:
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    To my knowledge (I am more sure of some points than others...I could easily be wrong):

    BHO = Butane Honey Oil. It does not actually involve honey, especially from bees lol.

    Butane is used as a solvent to extract THC from the cannabis plant matter. Another common solvent is isopropyl alcohol, which makes qwiso (=Quick Wash ISO). When these methods are used to extract THC, the final product is known as an "oil" (i'm assuming due to its consistency). In the case of butane extraction, it is known as "Butane Honey Oil" (BHO).

    In the process of making BHO, the oil can be "whipped" or have other things done to it to produce "budder" or "wax" (or other forms, such as amber glass, etc.); It involves extra steps BEYOND a simple extraction, and I'm not sure what they are for sure but I'm sure you could find out how if you googled it.

    Budder and Wax are different types of oils; they differ from BHO in their consistency for sure (i think they are more stable than oil but i could be wrong), and I'm pretty sure budder is the strongest known concentrate (not 100% sure about this info, but that's what i've heard/read). If you don't have access to MMJ, you probably are getting straight BHO and not budder/wax, because they are more complicated than a simple butane extraction.

    I don't have a medical card/don't have access to tons of different oils so this is as much as I am aware of. I'm sure there are tons of people here who are more educated on the subject and could be more helpful, but I hope this helps
  5. I originally posted it in the experienced toker's section, guess it got moved ahhahha

    Thanks man, I think you're probably right about this, very informative, been wondering about the differences between these concentrates for a while.
  6. budder is whipped BHO. it just gets all of the butane out of it. its headed up in a pyrex dish and whipped.

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