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  1. 130109_0000.jpg my flwr room :smoking:

    130110_0000.jpg my veg room :smoking:

    All i can say is goto homedepot and go wild i have built 20+ rooms for people and have spend as little as $25 for a small setup to something the size of mine, 2 rooms 1 flwr and one veg, enough to cycle and harvest 6 plants every month can be taken down and moved with min ease :) all my lights wood drywall wires etc every part is at a grand total or $216 any questions or ideas you may have or want jus ask away i take ducttape to a whole new level :wave:
  2. What ever gets you stoned lol

    Does look like a big fire hazard too though

    We all started somewhere plants look healthy ass hell though

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  3. put a fan to cool those lights and put them within 1-2'' of the plants. You'll double you're yield! :p

    Nice set up though!! I had something similar before my LED light, but only had 6x 40W
  4. ghetto fab
  5. What's your ventilation/odor control looking like?

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