The Holy Trinity

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  1. Everyone always asks about the mystery of the Holy Trinity which is actually pretty simple as i've studied this.

    The Holy Trinity is alot like the element of water which is h20.

    h20 can turn into 3 forms

    Same thing with God he plays 3 different roles

    1.God the Father (Jehovah)
    2.God the Son (Jesus Christ)
    3.God the Holy Spirit (New Name)

    In the age of the Father, God's name was Jehovah, and he was prophecied to come in the flesh as a son born but he came with the name of Jesus Christ and played the role on a Son to show us an example and love. In the age of the Holy Spirit God comes in the flesh 2nd Coming Christ and restores all the truth with a New Name as Jesus Christ said.

    it's like in the movie "Norbit" when Eddie Murphy played 3 roles, the fat woman, the boyfriend, and the father. It was still Eddie Murphy but he played 3 different roles.

  2. So is God Jesus at room temperature?

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