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The "Holy shit I almost got caught/ how I got caught thread.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PeacePot, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. A few nights ago we blazed at my friends house he said take me to go pick up a G i took him on and on are way to eat afterwards a cop sirens us and we pull over... mother fucker takes like 15 minutes to get out of the car and right before he did my friend said "hold the g" and i grabbed it and put it into my mouth and ate it, he got out and asked for my i.d and then told us their was a warrant for a guy who had a car similar to mine and sorry for the bother, i was gone i didn't think you would get even a buzz off eating a nug, so hopefully this thread kicks off. Also---Sorry if their is already a thread like this or similar to this.
  2. That's funny that you would apologize in advance like you already knew there was a thread like this. Hmm...

    Anyways, I was toking in my room last night while my great aunt and uncle plus my mom were playing poker in the kitchen.(I know bad idea haha) I was just hittin my one hitter out my window so I figured it would only smell a bit but of course once I got high I started getting paranoid thinking it reeks but anyways my whole family walked in together about 20 minutes later and didn't say anything so im not sure if it smelled =/
  3. Well you just have to be carefull, my stepdad once called me out on smoking out of my window i was like i open my window to let fresh air in, you have to be wise when you live in someone's house (;
  4. lol I just got done smokin up some weed with my homie when we're walking towards his house, when this cop drives by and pulls over opposite us. He gets out of his car and walks over. He asks my homie for his ID, I sorta stand like 5 feet away looking away. Turns out he was looking for a guy and had long hair like my friend so they checked him out, but I was standing only a few feet away high as fuck with hella *****ed out eyes I was freakin out.
  5. John read the title. "I almost..." "I just...." slight difference but its there.
  6. Was cruising home from a friends house. smoked a bowl and did some lines before i left. i was about three minutes out when i got pulled over. i was like "WTF!" i wasn't speeding, had my seatbelt on, used my blinker, wasn't swerving. turns out my taillight was out.

    cop walks up and says "your eyes are bloodshot and i smell alcohol". thank god he didn't smell the pot i had on me. i tell him "yeah it's 1 am, i'm pretty tired." anywho, he makes me get out, i do the field sobriety tests, eventually i blow and i fail. he puts me in cuffs and i get in the back seat of his cruiser. he never searched my truck, and he never patted me down.

    while handcuffed i somehow managed to pull my weed and my pipe out of my cargo pocket, and my little glass vial of a white powdery substance along with a flathead screwdriver out of my front pocket. i frantically stuff it in his back seat while he talks with another officer outside.

    all things considered, i got off lucky with a DUI.

  7. oh my bad there.
    i've definitely got a few stories then.

    tow summers ago i was going to pick up from my dealer. we agreed to meet in a parking lot of a strip mall, right by a nice restaurant. im waiting there for almost 5 minutes when a cop car come and pulls in a few spaces next to me. right away i tell my guy to hold up. a few mins later, the cop walk up and asks what i was doing. i told him i just pulled over to text my mom and get directions home (i was about 30 mins away). cops isnt buying it and says the area is known for drug deals because its right off the expressway. he then spots a glass jar and asks what it was for. somehow i immediately said something about how i used it to put change in. he sniffed it and it was clean :D
    he then asks to see my license and i told him it was in my trunk. got out, popped the trunk showed it to him. without any consent, he starts going through my backpack and then a few minutes later asks to search the car. i wasnt going consent because i had a few grams stashed away, but then let him search because i didnt want dogs to come and i had kept my cool the entire time telling him a very believable story about how i was just leaving a part and didnt do any drugs (wont get into that). right when i agreed. another cruiser with 2 other officers show up. they start questioning me more and more. when searching he found eyedrops and said that was very suspicious even though i claimed i didnt know about them in there (honestly didnt, friend must have left em in passenger door). 2 cops are now ripping through my car, but they never found anything. i then asked if i was being detained and they let me drive home. me up at a new spot with my guy and he gave me some extra nug cuz of what just went down.
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    About 7-8 people total in a park rolling joints, smoking.. cops get in the middle of the park out of nowhere, we try to hide shit, throw empty bags on the floor.. They questioned us for a while, even grabbed the empty bag and said "I know there's been marijuana in this bag" and "So, on who am I going to find the rest of it?"..

    Eventually, no one said a thing so they mustn't have felt like searching us all and told us to get the fuck out and that he didn't want to see us near.

    This other time, in another park, see cop from farther on the street, everyone puts everything in pockets and everyone stands up at the same time, really sketchy, but the cops just said that we needed to leave the park before 11PM.. I had a water bottle full of hash smoke in my pocket, waited for them to get by, and inhaled it lol

    So young and stupid.. out of four drug-related incidents, there were those two, once that I actually got caught and had to go to a meeting on how drugs are bad with a parent (Yay Canada) and the last one where I also got caught, he said he was going to do a bunch of shit, press charges, explain stuff about lawyers, how it's going to be a criminal record.. and then just called my parents, made me throw the stuff away and let me go with a warning and shit in my pants.

    Overall I'd say I was pretty damn lucky to get so little out of so much dumbass public park smoking but it might have helped I was underage and Canadian. Also being very cooperative to the last cop seem to have helped too.
  9. So my friend picks me up from school and we decide were gonna get fucking blown that day. Were hotboxing his car on the way to his house and by the time we get there we had smoked like 4 bowls and weren't planning on stopping anytime soon. We pull up to his house and into his garage and we pack another bowl and start on that.

    Next thing i know he goes "Fuck thats my mom" and his fucking mom had just pulled in the driveway. Of course the car is full of smoke so we open the windows and bam it just clears into the garage. She walks up and is talking to him and im chillling looking at my phone not trying to make eye contact cause my eyes are fucked up. She walked inside so I thought we were in the clear and my friend starts to put in eyedrops.

    Next thing I know i look to my right and his mom is standing in the doorway watching his ass put in eyedrops. He walks in and presumes to get chewed out while im still in the car. Next thing I know she walks out tells me to grab my shit and says thats shes taking me home. She then tells me that I have a day to tell my dad that I got caught or shed tell him. I thought she was gonna talk to my dad there so I called my friend and being hispanic talked to him in spanish telling his ass to be there . She drops me off I shower and my friend comes and gets me and her ass never called my dad and I didnt tell him shit.

    Im one lucky guy
  10. one night i made a pipe out of legos (i was desperate 4 a piece) and went to bed. That next morning i decide to wake and bake and smoke in the shed. My mom didnt know where i was and came looking for me and found me. i was facing away from her so i had enough time to put my light and my piece away she asked me what i was doing and i said trying to make something with wood. I was so glad she belived me, now ima smoke in the woods or away from my house.
  11. One night it was like 12:30 and I was going to my bathroom to roll a joint. I had my pill bottle full of bud and a rolling paper in each of my hands. As I'm exiting my room, my mom is just standing there! I made eye contact and like kept her attention on my face so she wouldn't see my hands. Pretty sketch lol.

  12. Lol :eek: "Must.. not.. look.. down.."
  13. Last Friday night/Saturday morning, I had around 5 beers and smoked 2 blunts at a party. My homeboy and 2 girls decided to leave and it was almost 3am, i was at a high end of the valley at a top of a hill so i spotted a DUI checkpoint like 5 miles away, so we take the backroads home. Halfway there i seen like 5 cops cars and my homeboy stars to puke in a bag, when it was clear he threw the bag out. Then down the steet from my other homeboys neighborhood i passed another cop and he flips around and then my homie starts to puke again, when i turn into the hood, i saw 3 cop cars on the side and we all made eye contact as my buddy was barfing in his sweater. I made it to my homeboys house and he the other one went home, he only lived down the block. So me the chicks and my homie smoked 3 bowls and passed out watchin Captain America. In the morning I went home at almost 9am. I had to take my mom grocery shoppin that morning. My eyes were still red, So i walk in and see my mom cookin breakfast and go downstairs, change shirt and put eyedrops. I go up and talk to my mom and she asks "why are yourre eyes red? and why does it look like you barely put on eyedrops to hide it? are you into marijuana?" So i just said no and acted cool, I sprayed my car with Febreze and covered the barf before she got in. then I was like "damn!! Im havin the best thanksgiving weekend" and it was

  14. The intelligence shines.
  15. I was driving home the other day after a nice little blunt session with some friends. I know everyone says this , but I really am a perfect high driver. I don't swerve or play my music too loud or anything. So this shit fucked me up.

    I'm driving down the same road as always and this cop drives past on the other side of the road. So no big deal then THIS PIG ASS BITCH TURNS AROUND LIKE IM CASEY ANTHONY AT A DAYCARE AND GETS RIGHT ON MY ASS. I literally can't remember doing anything wrong. So I keep driving and his bitch ass follows me almost to my house. Never turned on the lights, nothing. It was so weird. Fucking asshole cops.
  16. So the other day I had smoked the night before but I had maybe half a bowl left the next day. I decided instead of trying to store it for a few days I would smoke before my shower, before work. So I go in the bathroom, open the window, and take 3 or 4 hits WITH my head out the window. I guess the cherry stunk up the bathroom. I take my shower, get out and I hear the exhaust fan on in the other bathroom...I immediately assume its because my mom could smell it in there (she was getting ready for work too), and also I was paranoid. So I get out of the shower, and to my surprise the bathroom door is WIDE OPEN. She must have opened it to try to air it out. My pipe was laying in plain view on the sink. I know she had to have seen it. I know I was had.

    But she never said anything...

  17. i was desperate but now i smoke out of an earth clay pipe. btw earth clay is non toxic and cheap

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