The Holy Cross Joint (with pics)

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    I recently went and saw the stoner hit of the summer, Pineapple Express (i love this movie). I was sitting in the theater enjoying my popcorn, soda and all the THC in my head when I saw the joint of all joints.

    The Holy Cross Joint.

    Seth Rogen picked up this little joint-god and asked "what the f*ck is this?" James Franco explanied it as "the future of smoking." This was the second time I had ever seen one and this time I was inspired to make one myself.

    For those of you who don't already know how to use one or even what the hell a holy cross joint is, here you go:

    The Holy Cross Joint is best joint ever (in my opinion). It is hard to roll and only experienced joint rollers should even attempt to roll this bad boy.

    So how do you smoke it? It's really easy actually. You have a friend light the two smaller joint ends while you light the big main one, and then smoke it.

    How to Roll The Holy Cross Joint:

    So if your like me, then you've already looked for some decent tips on rolling this thing. I couldn't find any good info. Youtube had two videos on rolling a cross joint, one was of some crossroads joint that was a cross made of roaches, definetly not the holy cross J. The other one was alright, but it wasn't a good enough looking final product. So, I sat down and figured out my own technique for rolling this thing.

    So down to buissness, how to roll it. Well first you will need a couple things.

    You need:

    • King size papers
    • Regular size papers
    • Small chunk of cardboard(optional, for crutch)
    • Knife or Razor blade
    • water pan and q tips (optional, you could use your tounge)
    • and of course Mary Jane

    My teznique:

    • Roll a big ol' fattie with a king size, the bigger the better
    • Roll a smaller J with the regular size papers, remember it has to be smaller around then the width of the fattie.
    • Cut the small J in half with the blade
    • Cut a small hole in the side of the fattie and slide one half of the J into the hole
    • Seal up and space around the spot where the small J enters the fattie by wrapping one gummy strip around it (this is where I used the q-tip instead of my tounge, it is smaller and easier to handle and you can use the dry side so push the glue against the paper easier.
    • Repeat on other side, (remember to let everything dry before moving to the next step, otherwise the chances of it breaking are higher
    When that drys up, you have a "trifecta of smoking power"

    I'll post some pics of the one I rolled in the next post.

    *Happy Toking*:smoke:
  2. dude come on.. picss pleeaassee!! sounds interesting
  3. Yeah this needs pics for sure man.
  4. Word I get it. Im going to try that with some midz lmao to practice. I will try to post pics after my vacation.:)
  5. Omg needs pics.

    But seriously, I'm interested.
  6. Sorry I didn't have pics in my first post but I had to transfer them to my computer from my phone. Here they are:

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  7. Just found these pics too

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  8. very nice +rep
  9. A small contribution.
    I used King-Sized RZLA papers and King-Sized ZigZags.

    I didn't cut the zigzag in half, I poked a hole through the RZLA then through the middle of the zigzag then sealed with gummi paper.
  10. then how did the smoke from the middle joint get into the main part??? theres no where for it to get out ???????

    but op-super bad ass ima have to make one of those for sure
    and that is a superrrr bomb ass movie
  11. +rep forsure, i thought that part of the movie was speculation. thatnk you for bringing the ledgend into our lives
  12. Did you use at least 3 different strains?
  13. come soon to my website we will have a video on how to roll this badboy, along with the windmill, a DOUBLE crossjoint.
  14. When you say windmill joint, do you mean the bullsh!t one where you roll cardboard strips into a "joint holder?" Or a real windmill joint, nothing but paper and bud.
  15. nothing but papers and bud, we rolled one last night to see if we actually could and we did. the finished product burned perfectly.
  16. Cool, definetly post some pics of it. I'd like to see how you rolled it.

    and how you lit it? it was hard enough trying to light the cross j, my friends hands were in the way and I burned the sh!t out of his thumb. :laughing:
  17. BBQ lighters, they have a long stem
  18. lit a cross on fire?

    thats fucked up.

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