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The "HOLY CRAP I really need to toke" thread

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by shug_knight, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. I hope this is acceptable. And if not, mods I apologize.

    I had to create this thread cause as of right now, I'm stuck at work in an office with one of THE most pessemistic person I have ever met. We've been working for almost 3 years but as of late, he would bitch n complain about the smallest things. Nonestop.

    Finally today I had it, and I let the worst get to me. Basically I blew up, told him to relax and to stop looking at the world with so much negativity cause its starting to affect me.

    Afterwards I could feel the stress building. Its almost my lunch break, but Holy Crap do I need to toke n calm down. 17 more minutes.... whooooosaaaaaa.
  2. ...I haven't had any weed in almost 2 weeks now. Just a .5 of hash I managed to save till last weekend, but now I am completely dry till Thursday.
    I'm starting to go crazy haha.
  3. Tell me about it :( I've been dry since last saturday, and i only scraped my bowl for a little bit of res and leftover greens, which barley got me high for an hour... Now i'm out of money, and have to rather wait til friday, or sell some of my things and get some cash to buy this damn half ounce.:smoke:
  4. AKA The fiend thread
  5. Its my second day at uni and it was a tough one I must say.
    7 HOURS straight of lectures and seminars and something weird happened in my film class.
    We're all going around introducing ourselves you know "My name is bill i like horror"
    So it gets to me and as everyone looks at me my heart suddenly starts going BOOM BOOM BOOM and I try to talk but my throat kinda closes up I get really nervous all of a sudden and manage to blurt something out with difficulty. I managed to cover my retardness by saying I had a sore thorat. But It was just plain strange. Ive had some anxiety issues with talking in public but I hoped it had dissapeared.
    I didnt have a toke when I got home I however had a dominos pizza and watched a movie so feel better now. Weird though.. very weird..
  6. Tell me about it. Im tryin as hard as possible to have some self control and save my money, but damn its been hard and the anger just keeps building.
    It's crazy as soon as Im high, its like why the fuck did I make that such a big deal.
  7. im out til friday or saturday. hopefully i can get bud then, i just need 10 more bucks to get an 8th and ill be set for the rest of the week.
  8. Just broke up a bud, HOLY CRAP I REALLY NEED TO TOKE! Come on over to my journal and smoke up with me and the girls
  9. I have a quarter ounce of some supreme dank and i am not smoking today. Sure i could but its not responsible to.

    You should NEVER "need" to smoke. If you feel compelled to smoke than you are abusing it.
  10. Just smoked the last of my kush this morning :eek: ALL OUT AND NEED SOME LIKE NOW!!!:mad:

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