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  1. i took biblical literature in a catholic private school and noticed some odd things about the christian bible.

    did anyone know that the bible was written around 200+ years after jesus christ died? imagine stories being passed from generation to generation for that long. shit would get a little bit mixed up and possibly pretty exaggerated..

    another intriguing fact, nobody recognized Mr. Christ when he rose from the dead. says it right in the bible that they did not know it was him until he showed the injury from the spear. just a little strange that nobody would recognize him. you'd think when they were fixing up the bible they'd catch that big mistake.

    as far as the catholic chruch goes, it is very quickly deteriorating into nothing thanks to science. when the theory of evolution came about you were excommunicated for believing it over the creation story of adam and eve. now its generally accepted that adam and eve is not to be taken literally and that it just shows that god created men and women. in the past, being gay was worthy of execution. now its okay as long as you still donate to the church. in school i was taught that almost nothing in the bible is understood as literal anymore and is to be taken metaphorically instead.

    TO ALL CHRISTIANS: step back from you're stubborn beliefs and read the bible from a skeptical point of view. for those that let a preacher or priest tell you what to believe, read it for yourself and come up with your own views on it. christianity was spread by a man named saul who never met or saw jesus in his entire life, yet felt the need to tell every single person about him. christianity was created with this man.

    PS- sorry for the rant i just got to my car today after a long day of school to discover a flyer on my window urging me to accept jesus christ into my heart. LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE. i am perfectly happy as a non-christian and i always will be.
  2. I'll second that motion;)
  3. The bible was written by man for his own benefits.

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