the holy balls batman, we are alive! thread *Official**

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    holy something man this is ridiculous

    just think about it

    all these atoms
    earth 98% water
    same with the body?

    Im comunicating threw digital 1s and 0s to bone sacks made up of mostly water

    bone sacks that can live, not just be alive but LIVE

    if you dont understand smoke another.

    i dont know shit, but holy shit we all get an oppurtunity weird gift

    that may have happened by radom

    random roack near a random star

    some random fornication later.

    Im the little bugger that made it

    well hot dang ma im alive!
  2. I think if you want to make a thread official, you should probably spell Officail correctly ;)
  3. whos in charge us or the words?

  4. go on :smoking:
  5. lol who is in charge, us or the words?
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    Everything you perceive is made up of vibrating fields of energy.

    Matter is made up of particle fields that cannot stack on the same point in space.

    Forces are made up of particle fields that can stack on the same point in space.

    These fields vibrate in wave lengths and give rise to specific points known as particles.

    Perceiving sub-atomic reality: It is like watching television.

    There are tons of little pixels, perfectly symmetrical spheres in nature, that connect with a little bit of space in between them.

    When you look at these pixels from far away, you perceive a full-image that makes sense to your brain, but when examined much, much, much closer on the scale of "super-small" they appear to be nothing more than red, blue, and green circles. Grossly simple, yet work together in ways that create a big picture of monumental complexity and intricacy.

    These circles combine in various, complex ways to construct a full and sensibly perceived image. That which your brain, a biological computing device, is fit to interpret.

    A brain can only exist in the 3rd dimension. A 3rd dimensional being, one in which 3D organisms live, in which there exists length(x), width(y), and depth(z).

    If there were only (x) and (y) your brain would be 2d, and unable to form consciousness.

    Only in the special realm of 3D is consciousness able.

    What occurs and is perceived in the higher dimensions?

    No one truly knows.

    The fact that we are alive is proof that anything can happen.

    The chance for conscious life is so disgustingly low that it boggles my mind.

    There is more to life than people assume when they wake up in the morning and scratch their asses with their coffee in hand.

    You are not just here because.

    You are here for some kind of reason.

  7. Rofl that shit cracked me up too...
  8. I had some mushroom pizza tonight and I am right there with you buzzwell

  9. maybe im made of space dust
    all matter and energy is space dudes that gets shit out psychdelicly by a magic cosmic baby

    life is just a stream constantly flowing.

    and its not fecal matter in the sense of humanly poo.
    its a magic baby sitting in an infinite paridise garden, its so perfect he doesnt have to move.
    he just play out life and his imagination,
    maybe solving geometrical equations in some magic computer that is the universe
    the baby may have been bored
    and possible recreating him self in other forms of babys in a multi dimensional newtwork to where it may aprear there are many magic cosmic babys shitting out infinite lifetimes in dimensions
    maybe there all playing games and where one one level its a pscydelic trance of babys pooping
    its really reeality playing games with its self, but nothing is at it apears and while im at home smoking weed on xmas vacation
    there may be an old lady somewhere doing one thing to effect one timeline
    while to babies battle as ninjas in another
    maybe they can do anything and be anything anywhere at once
    and the babys pooping magic doo doo is all of it
    but nothings real and theres no way possible any of it should be happening in the first place
    and nothings real there may be no poop
    may be no babys
    and may not matter because
    theres nothing anyways.

    so why not?
  10. E=mc doo doo
  11. are you the black guy in your picture? i see you around on gc and i just wanted to be sure if i was envisioning the correct person when i read your posts
  12. uhhhhh, yea i agree

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