The history of "okay"

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  1. Ever wondered where the word okay or OK came from? Probably not, but it's sort of interesting so I thought I would share it.

    From the summary on it's Wikipedia page:

    Okay is a term of approval, assent, or acknowledgment, often written as OK or O.K.. This is also known as AOK. When used to describe the quality of a thing, it denotes acceptability. However, its usage can also be strongly approving; as with most slang, its usage is determined by context.

    The historical record shows that O.K. appeared as an abbreviation for "oll korrect" (a conscious misspelling of "all correct") in Boston newspapers in 1839, and was reinterpreted as "Old Kinderhook" in the 1840 United States presidential election. Because it is a recent word born of word play, and because it is so widely used, O.K. has also invited many folk etymologies. These competing theories are not supported by the historical written record, except in that folk and joke etymologies influenced the true history of the word. Since the 19th century, the word has spread around the world, the okay spelling of it first appearing in British writing in the 1860s. Spelled out in full in the 20th century, 'okay' has come to be in everyday use among English speakers, and borrowed by non-English speakers.
  2. very imforming. + rep my man.
  3. Good book report. Hah:smoke:
  4. dude, when I'm lying in bed at night I think of all these odd things to look up on Wikipedia, but I nver remember to cuz I fall asleep and forget about it.

    This was one of the things I wondered about, where the fuck "ok" came from. +rep...

  5. Mee too. Many times I wish I could just google or wiki some information from my cell phone, but have to remember and go home to look up the information.

    The info is out there, I just need to access it more quickly.
  6. Is there anything wikipedia doesnt know

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