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Discussion in 'General' started by Dan Gleesac, Dec 13, 2007.

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    i am going to the disco biscuits new years run and for one of the nigths i plan on hippy flipping with two tabs and an 8th of shrooms...i have taken acid and mushis plenty of times but never together......what im thinkin is will this combo keep me goin for a long time like 8-10 hours if im getting good doses and decent boomers? also would three tabs and an 8th be pushing it if i need to get up the next day and go to another show where i plan on candy flipping
  2. hm i thought that was shrroomin/frying mixed with E. i dont know about the mixture, super visual with more emotions id guess..:confused::confused:
  3. Hippie Flipping is combining mushrooms + E, not mushies and acid. :D

  4. no a hippyflip IS mushies and Acid.

    2 and an 1/8 is good. 3 is pushing it.

    see you there! :D

    Acid/mushies and E is CANDYFLIPPIN!
  5. ^chu gotit all wrong man:cool:^
  6. Maybe it varies by region then. :confused_2:

    Out here in Socal, hippie flipping is mushrooms + E and candy flipping is acid + E.

  7. Where I'm from it's shrooms + X
  8. hippys didnt have E back in the day.
  9. youre goin? word up man its gonna be a WILD time

    and simply....word....
  10. I've hippie flipped before, 2 tabs and a half 8th....i was goin for a good 8 hours before sitting down to smoke a bowl and come down.....i want to try 3 hits and half an 8th or 2 hits and a whole 8th.....let us know how it is!! :D:hippie:
  11. we call E + shrooms a hippy flip, and shrooms + acid Trippin' BAWLZZZ
  12. Hey Buffet, you going to TAO on New Years buddy?
    I'm debating going.

  13. Haha hell yes I am. I'm actually considering maybe mixing mushies and E there too. :D

    Debate!? WTF is there to debate!? It's a RAVE on NEW YEARS EVE!!!!! Gonna be sickkkkkkkk!


  14. Why the fuck can't people use mushrooms and lsd responsibly and not just to have fun and see things and all.

    What happened to all the psychonauts, people who don't use these drugs to go party :mad::devious:

  15. Wow.

    Please do not judge me, especially since you have no idea who I really am or what I have gone through in my life.

    Who are you to say what intentions I have when I consume my drugs? I have reached many an epiphany under the influence of different drugs, including herb, shrooms, and MDMA. Many of these epiphanies have helped me shape my understanding of what I perceive life as and how I choose to live it.

    MDMA has single handedly changed my life, for the better. In fact, I can 100% truthfully say that rolling has saved my life. I do not know if I would still be here typing this if I had never discovered E/raves.

    And as far as my choice of doing drugs at a rave go, it is more than just "to go party." My 'religion' (I use the term loosely) is based around drugs and the state of mind that they allow me to enter, specifically MDMA. And therefore, going to raves means as much to me as a devout Catholic attending mass. So for this spiritual night that I only have the opportunity to attend every so often, yes, I usually am under the influence of drugs, to make it that much more spiritual and a blessing.

    That's what I got to say. Less judging, more good vibes. Thanks. :D

  16. do you mean the TLA? cause no im not going to that cause im not gonna have the money to go scalp a ticket......

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