the hippos?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by sensimil, Sep 26, 2002.

  1. has anyone heard or are into these guys? lol they kick big booty! I just got turned on to them...i like the ska punkish shit they play but the lyrics are just damn cool! i dunno much about them though...I dont think theyve put anything out in a while....hmmm...just wondering...
  2. the hippos eh?.. i guess i'll have to check em out.. sens.. do you like OAR..? im just gettin into them.. im likin it tho.. later chica.
  3. amateur!!!!!! yeah! were have you been!!!! lol i was surpirsed to see someone preplied to this post anyway...and then i see you!! yeah!! lol anyway...YES OAR. OAR! love em. my budddddddddddddy! got me into them last year. good band. you'll like em!!! as far as the hippos, if you like less than jake, youll like these guys. so check em out if you think youd like them. its all in gooo fun ;) glad to see you around again!! lata gata
  4. Yeah Ive heard the hippos. an' alright band. If you like less punk ska music then you should check out HepCat. "the region" is a fucking awesome song, listen to it and all your troubles will go away. For ska-core though I'll put on some Choking Victim or Operation Ivy
  5. grrrr. Im dl-ing some hepcat & choking victim...Im always in for new music! but I can't find the song the region!! and op ivy...I listen to them...thats good stuff..
  6. what'd you think?

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