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The Hippies Garden

Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by Notill_Hippie, Dec 8, 2017.

  1. whats up guys! im just here to share my pics. i know i wont need to tell many around here about notillXD i have a great post on overgrow about how i do everything. If you check out my thread youll notice i do exactly what Mountain Organics aka bluejay does. Im using an HPS right now but i have two diy leds and will be switching em out after this cycle is do ne. so here i have chocolope. 20171128_150659.jpg 20171128_150718.jpg 20171123_141110.jpg 20171123_141315.jpg
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  2. oh and up front on the right is a sour skittles bagseed. these are about 3 weeks in. there is also a gorilla glue auto hiding there somewhere. i also have lemon balm in there. the lady bug has been around since they were babies. i offer water and she drinks almost all of it.
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  3. Awesome pics
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  4. is this the place organic terrorist go when they get pushed from another forum?
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  5. thats chocolope 20171207_201043.jpg thats the gorilla glue auto 20171122_133416.jpg and this is my eb strip light i built. 20171128_130307.jpg
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  6. Or for any other reason, lol...Welcome to the camp !
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  7. these are 9 babies from a tropical mix back from ace seeds. gonna be the start of my first breeding project.

    1512952542959.jpg 1512952550372.jpg 1512952559242.jpg 1512952567919.jpg 1512952576060.jpg 1512952585027.jpg 1512952594748.jpg 1512952619063.jpg 1512952625997.jpg

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  8. got the cob over these ladies. [​IMG][​IMG]

    now they need some training. [​IMG]
    the branching on these is great!

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