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  1. Nothing like a side-splitting, eye tearing, oxygen deprived fit of laughter while tokin the reefer. read and share your best experiences.:laughing:
  2. OK, im gonna give you guys some stories...true life stories that only occured to me when i was extremely baked. Everyone i have those these life stories to have cried their eyes out in laughter.

    So here we go,

    There was one night when i was chillin with my best friend and he was going to hang out with his girlfriend. She had the bright idea of saying hey lets hook dee (what people call me) up with my best friend. I thought what the hell some cooter is always great to have. We meet up with them at around 8 that evening and go catch a movie, this was followed by a short meal at a local sandwhich shop. To be honest her friend wasn't bad looking but she wasn't a knock out or anything she was just a real cool chick. I enjoyed her company because she was very silly and always wanted to smoke. A little later that night all of us decided to spend the night at my friends girls house. We roll up a fat dutch and smoke it, there was a good 3 g's of some dank shit in it. Needless to say i was baked off my fucking ass. We end up watching some movies for a little bit and the girl that was suppost to be hooked up with me is knocked the fuck out on the couch next to me. I also am feeling a little tired at this point and my eyes are slowly starting to close. I look over and my boy is fucking around underneath the sheets with his girl. I of course am not gonna cock block him because hes my boy and i support his goals to get some cooter, so i don't think much of my eye lids are slowly closing i notice that him and his gf are really going at it. I suddenly start to hear someone walk down the stairs and so does his girl...I then witness her start tapping him on the leg as their humping saying "my mom is coming", he grabs her by the arms and screams out loud SOOOOOOOOO AMMMMMM I!!!!!!!!!!!

    --I pissed myself in laughter that night.
  3. I prefer humor which arises spontaneously from the moment due to subtle wit and clever observations. This is like asking a potter for a pot but providing no clay, I have nothing to work with hear.

    On an unrelated note, do you have any unusual physical characteristics?

  4. Heres another and my dad and a couple of his friends were playing poker one night each one of us was a bit sloshed and i was blazed even before the game started. I go outside to smoke a cigarette because im getting my ass kicked at poker and i needed some fresh air, my fathers friend comes up to me and asks me for a cig so i gave him one. After some small talk with him he asks me if i wanted to hear a funny story...i said sure.

    He then begins to describe how he was banging this one girl (his girlfriend at one time) and how much she loved to fuck. He told me that all she wanted to do is fuck, instead of going to diner, they'd fuck, instead of going shopping they'd fuck...he then gets real descriptive and starts telling me about the time that he was banging her one night. He says that hes banging her doggy style and all of a sudden she pushes him off and says "Greg you make me wanna be dirty", he then tells me that she throws her legs on his shoulders and says "Stick it in my butt greg". He tells me he never did it before and he didn't know what to do exactly, he told me he knew one thing for sure, and thats he didn't want to stick it into a dirty asshole so he went to go find a condom somewhere. He then says he couldn't find a condom so he ran into the kitchen and found the plastic wrap...Yes he wrapped his around his dick. Then his story got a bit weird..he then told me that he wanted to get something to use as lube because that's what he say in porns. The only thing he could think of to use in the kitchen was butter so he smothered it on his dick that was covered in plastic wrap. He quickly ran back into the room and plugged it into her ass, and proceeded to bang her.

    What really did it for me tho is the way he said it all..."I gave that bitch my corn on the cob with extra butter in that ass"
  5. bump cause i wrote to much. lameee
  6. I wish I could rep on this app snowman..

    Esp the 1st story
  7. i like to watch some good old british comedy when im high idk why its too lazy to write a story right now lol

    [ame=]Argument Clinic - YouTube[/ame]

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