The Highest Youve Gotten

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  1. The highest I ever got was one I was buy myself and I wanted to c jus how far I could go 4 fat bowls later everything seemed really small an i wus way to big. I went to my kitchen to c If maybe the rest of the house wus nrml but everything shrunk a little and I that freaked me the hell out
  2. i got really fucking high one time
  3. There's no time like the first time.

    Although there was that one time...
  4. edibles man
  5. One time i got so high i made it to level 2, no fucking joke.
  6. agreed

    i was so fucking stoned once that i felt like i was in a legitimate cartoon

  7. Yeah, those are the best highs. lawls!

    I once got so high I spent about three hours laying in bed listening to trance music and at the end of it, when I remembered my name and who I was, I had the biggest Eureka! moment. There is nothing like the sudden existential awareness of re-discovering your own identity after a trip through space-time.
  8. It was maybe my second, third time smoking? I was at my sister's boyfriend's college graduation party. Well, it had gotten late, kids were gone, as well as most the adults (except his parents, other family), and it was just us sitting around a table.

    They grow, and they are pretty good at it. This was fairly high quality. There were maybe 8-10 people on the deck. The bowl went around for a good hour, maybe more? I sure don't remember. I just kept hittin' it, by the end when we went to sit by the fire, my mind was blank. There was absolutely not one single thought going through my mind.

    I almost greened out the first time. Well, let's just say, I was past the level of greening out. It was.. insane. I just sat by the fire and didn't say a word. Let's just say, it felt pretty damn good. I've loved weed ever since.
  9. The first time I got high, I was retarded high... Like I should of been wearing a helmet high.
  10. A couple years ago (I had been smoking on/off for a couple years already) I was visiting my hometown a few states over. I went over to my bestfriends house, whom I'd known since we were like 8. It was later in the evening. We hadnt seen or spoken to each other in probably a year or so, so we had a lot of catching up to do. And what do ya know? We find out that both of us smoke weed now! We wait a couple hours until his parents go to bed so we can smoke. We step outside and smoke a couple fat bowls out of his Helix bong (coolest bong ive ever smoked out of). Now, at that time, it was probably about 4-5 months since the last time i smoked, and he had the dankest weed i had ever seen. I had no idea how high i was about to get.

    We step back inside and we are chilling in his room/basement and we both start getting the munchies real hard. He tells me some stuff he has, and im like "yeah cheese sticks sound good". Ill never forget what he said after that: "yo man we got a deep fryer, we can make McDonalds style cheese sticks!" We both proceeded to lose our shit for the next 5 minutes at least lol. We get up to his kitchen and we deepfry those sticks of cheese. I remember sitting down to eat, and i was tripping balls.

    Everytime i went to take a bite of the cheesestick, I would visualize a schoolbus (the cheesesticks were yellow) going down my throat and my mouth and throat were like a highway. Every single bite i took, this visualization took place. I couldnt hold my shit together i was lol'ing so hard. he asks me whats so funny, and i tell him, and we both lose it for the remainder of the meal lol.

    Then afterwords we got paranoid about leaving his deepfryer with all the hot oil in his kitchen. We thought it might burn somethin and we didnt know what to do, then we thought we could put a little bit of cold water in it to help cool it off. We added just a small amount and that shit started popping and shit! We were so scared. We just stared at each other for a second and he asks "what do we do?!" and im like "shit idk! put the lid back on it!" So we do that, and after a few moments, the popping stops and we decide to just leave it til the morning. Then we went back downstairs and chilled and had a great time and passed out soon after.

    Idk how the hell we didnt wake up his parents with all that commotion in the kitchen...
  11. Dude... I've gotten so ripped. (Lol that sounds ridiculous.)

    Hit derealization like week one baha. That was the craziest experience. Other shit just covers getting cross faded and whatnot
  12. Art Vandalay, Everybody!

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  13. "what year is it?"
  14. I think it was my first time getting high, I was so high I was scared of my own footsteps.
  15. Im a newbie, but it was me and my cousins first time smoking a blunt, we meant to do .5 grams, but when he rolled it he put the full gram in without me knowing, we go to this community soccer field at night and start hitting this shit, halfway through the blunt he pussies out, and i have the blunt to myself i keep getting BIG ass hits, when I get home Im in a cartoon land I tried to lay down and close my eyes and it felt like I was just dropping through space, when I finally snapped out of it I got scared out of my mind, but it was fucking awesome, now I love weed.
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    The night before I went to college me and my main boy were chilling playing cod and ripping bongs. It was around 3:30 or so and we had like 2.5 or so left in our stash. So my friend, let's call him L suggest that we get a blunt and clambake the bathroom out at my camp.

    So me and L proceeded to the nearest gas station and picked up a dutchie and went out to my camp. Well upon completion of the roll we went into the bathroom( like 6 by 6 in size, if not even smaller..)

    We happened to realized that it was 4:15 so we waited until 4:20 to start. We were puffing mad fast trying to get in as many puffs on 4:20 as possible. Well anyways after 4:20 was done we for some reason decided to keep the tempo.

    So let's just say by 4:30 we were all done and gone to the moon, we just sat in there baking in the smoke for like 20 minutes before dipping.

    Another one: On the way back from Cali with a low tolerance my brother gave me a brownie on the way to the airport to "ease my nerves." I take it, and when I sat in my seat on the plane it hit me. I was a prisoner of my own body I was shaking and shit. Got sooo many looks before I eventually passed out... Still need revenge on the motherfucker haha
  17. The night before last, my fiance and I smoked a huge bowl of Maui. We could not stop laughing for about a full hour, and everything we said to each other was somehow hilarious. He's a pretty quiet stoner, not particularly giggly or ridiculous like I am, but that night he was so fucking baked he laughed at the wall.
  18. Highest I ever got...alright well to start, I'm not a smoker anymore, pretty much quit 5 years ago but occasionally I'll indulge. My girl decided she wanted to try it since she never had so we decided to bake some brownies. Now even back when I was a smoker, I had never eaten brownies so I had no idea how this was gonna go. Well we each had a brownie, half an hour passed n we weren't feeling much so I'm thinkin maybe I fucked em up n the potency went to shit so we decided to eat the rest of em. Wow we was fucked up lol. First off, my girl kept repeating "wait what?" cuz she had a thought she kept losing n I'm just laughing my ass off. After awhile, a stage of paranoia set in I kept repeating "fuck man I need to get rid of my phone, I don't fuckin trust it" shit like that. Then came the part that changed my perception of reality. I connected with the single consciousness. We were talking but it felt like we were literally one. Like she'd say something n it was like I was reading her mind, I knew exactly what she was gonna say before she'd say it. Then I just started freakin out. Went upstairs to try to sleep it off n thats when it really got interesting. My heart was beating really fast n I really thought I was dying so I went through what I really believe the process of dying is like. At first I was freaking out, scared, anxious n my mind completely unraveled. I forgot who I was. But as soon as I "let go" of my fear and anxiety, I was liberated. Left in state of blissful freedom. Cruised the cosmos the rest of the night. It was fuckin amazing, I thought I found enlightenment. Then I came back to reality lol. But with the knowledge of something great..
  19. oh god. it was one of the first few times and my dealer had some crazy frosty shit, don't remember the name ATM but it was light green and COVERED in trichomes and super fucking staaaanky :smoking:

    so I took like two zong rips of it, cashed that bowl with the two rips. then pulled out the pipe and smoked another two bowls. I was so far fucking gone I couldnt stand or walk, my ears felt like they were full of cotton and my hands were shakin, of course I had eyes redder than a tomato on fire. for a good 30 minutes I couldn't even finish a sentence without laughing so hard my cheeks hurt.

    my dealer is my buddy so I let him finish what was left, but I sure wish I had some more of that shit. after the whole baked thing subsided it was an extremely happy and pleasant high. awesome. :bongin:
  20. the way you type is hilarioz

    i once had a sac of the most hypnotic weed ive ever smoked

    it would literally turn you into a zombie, a friend of mine kept wondering how he would get from place to place, he couldnt remember how he got there

    the next day i smoked .5 all in one hit, and it went straight to my head, the world turned sideways and everything kept expanding and shrinking it was pretty crazy

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