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The Highest You've ever been?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Barnkis, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. Well, I'm sure this has been posted 10,000 times, but i wanted to make a post of the highest you've ever gotten.

    Ill start.

    One day me and my three closest friends picked up a 1/4 of some really Dank, and a bag of seeds from the same dank for $50 total.

    We head down to this lake where there's a clearing by the edge overlooking the shore, it's beautiful. We smoke 3-4 bowls before embarking on our journey. While heading through the woods we meet up with 3 more of our friends, and give our dealer a call and tell him we've got a party going. So theres 7 of us right now, and we match 10 Bowls and the three friends we met up with gotta take off. We say goodbye, and head down to the lakeside.

    We give up a call to 2 of our friends, who are occasional smokers. They've smoked like 3-5 times, so they're absolute no tolerance folks. We smoke for 3 hours, and we estimate we've smoke 40 bowls from the bong over a period of 3 1/2 hours. When i stand up my legs shake. One of the newbs stands up and falls to the ground, laughing like crazy. We completely forgot they were newbs, and smoked them out on 30 bowls! They couldnt even walk!

    It was the highest I've ever been. Smoked roughly 10 grams, and got some seeds for my grow op.
  2. Climbed Ben Nevis:)
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    Me and 4 friends climbed into my friends car, 7 heads in total. We hotboxxed before seeing pineapple express. Obviously this was recent. In total, we had 5 heads on 4 grape mini dutches, 1 grape cigarillo, 2 joints, 1 spliff, and we packed 12 full bowls in my friends pipe, and we finished off the sesh with 6 bowls in the bong. roor too. earlier that day my buddy picked up an 0 and we all payed him 5 bucks, were close friends who smoke eachorther out almost everyday. i lost my phone in the car (jeep) because of so much smoke, (later found it) i was so high i couldnt talk, we reeked, all red eyes and stumbling like crazy. pineapple express was good :] and when we got back from the movie, we left 2 windows in the car open, and when we got out the parking lot elevator, we could smeell the bud and the car was parked like 1000 feet away. lmao
    after this my friend only had 4 g's out of his ounce left. thats the hightest ive been:hello:
  4. I rode in an airplane once to see my grandma in Arizona. . .
  5. Shit, one night about a year ago, everyone came back into town from college and shit, and me and about 5 of my friends threw in money to buy an ounce of some dro. We rolled nine blunts and then baked out a car. I have never seen such a bake out before. I had literally stoned myself stupid also haha
  6. Gravity Bong. Need I say more?
  7. smoked around a half ounce of good between me, my friend, and the occasional person who would come hit the blunt or something....i sat down on the couch to watch ESPN and woke up in the same position

    When I opened my eyes in the morning it looked like the house had fog in it, crazy shit....I'll be honest it was overkill smoking
  8. My first time buying dank.
    So usually i get a 1/4 of mids for $45 and I was kinda turned off when "dank" was $60
    I didn't think it would be worth the extra money, but my buddy said i should try it, so i did.
    This is also after a tolerance break of about 2 weeks.

    We were planning on hangin out with a few other people later on.
    We met up early and got pretty bored so we decided to just roll one spliff for the both of us.
    There was probably 0.4 or somethin in this thing.
    We both got amazing high already.

    We almost didn't wanna go hang out for another sesh.. but we did.
    We smoked about 4gs to the 4 of us.
    We'd usually do more but we were all sooo fucked up already.

    So I went home and started watchin tv. I felt reallly high already but wanted to go crazy tonight. So I took out my pipe and did about 6 more bowls.

    I started feeling really sick, greened out for a few seconds and threw up.
    It was horrible... never underestimatin dank again
  9. hahah
  10. so high i was watching tv for a good hour and laughing my ass off at night and i'm like yes! know one is going to know i'm stoned. Then my sister come in and asks what i am doing. I'm like watching tv, and my sister says the tv isn;t on:smoking:
  11. i think it was either the first time i smoked a blunt, or the time we hotboxed witha blunt.

    or brownies... or the 2 times i puked from a GB lol... cant really remember anymore. but everytime i get REALLY high, im just like.. "ive never been this high in my LYFE"
  12. First time I ate firecrackers, used about.6-.75 of some extremely nice Ak-47. Felt more like an extremely strong hallucinogen then marijuana. I remember staring at a leaf for almost 20 minutes in disbelief at how beutiful it was.

  13. First time i did firecrackers i had a shroom flashback
  14. i couldnt remember past 5pm
  15. Me and my friend went to amsterdam this summer for two days. Our goal was to go into every coffeeshop we encountered. We went into about 7. We collected probably a half ounce of white widow, super skunk, and trainwreck. We probably smoked about 20 bowls out of various bongs and a sherlock homes pipe. We found one really chill shop and stayed there for about an hour puffing on these huge cone J's of super skunk (if you ever get a chance try super skunk, it makes white widow seem like pet dander) and we each had a space cake. About an hour goes by and the cakes start to kick in REAL HARD. I buy one more and we leave. Then we were sitting on this big weird sculpture and i'm laughing harder than ive ever laughed as i feed a pigeon some space cake crumbs. I remember thinking to myself "this is it, there's no way a human being can be higher than this" I eat space cake # 2

    My friend said his mouth was dry so we went on a search to find some juice. On the way i smoke two personal J's (at this point its just a habbit). About 20 minutes later we're back into a coffeeshop and im smoking a bowl of trainwreck out of a bong. I offer my friend some hits and he says he's two high as is. I probably smoke 10 bowls as fast as possible. All of a sudden this french guy comes up to us and asks if he can borrow the bong, and i gave it to him. My friend says he cant believe i gave it away, and i said "yeah, well, who knows. He could just be trying to save us from a great day gone wrong"

    For about ten minutes we sit there laughing at the dutch commercials on tv. My second space cake has more than kicked in by now, i keep seeing little things in the corner of my eye. All of a sudden my friend says "OH FUCK, IM NOT FEELING GOOD, SHIT, FUCK, THIS IS NOT GOOD:eek:." and he stands up and briskly walks out of the coffeeshop leaving me confused as fuck. I go outside and he's having a panic attack of epic proportions. "this isnt good man....im not feeling good, ooo shit, this is bad, i might have to go back to the hotel" (which by the way is in amstel and i dont know what tram to get on)

    The next two hours consist of me sitting with him as he repeats "this isnt good, NOT GOOD" he also tells me he thinks he has weed psychosis, and when i tell him theres no such thing he yells at me insisting there is and he has it. Several times he busted up laughing, and then i laughed because i thought it was over, then he would freak out and yell STOP LAUGHING AT ME I DONT FEEL GOOD. The problem with this is that I'm sure i was at least twice as high as he was, as i had smoked and eaten about twice as much as him, and he was drowning me with the most overwhelming fear. I really thought he lost his fucking mind. At one point the police walked past us he yelled "FUCK, COPS!!!!" At this point i got us a taxi and we went back to the hotel. I continued to talk him through it, telling him the worst is over. Then i put No Sex For Ben by The Rapture on the stereo. He thought it was such a funny great beautiful song that his bad trip ended and we went downstairs to eat a few pounds of french fries then pass out.

    The worse part of the whole experience was that Ice Cube was in town that night, tickets for only 20 euros and we were fucking psyched to see him, and thats why we took the train that particular weekend. I can confidently say that no one on this board has ever been THAT high.

    Sorry about the long post, but you all know how it is:smoking:
  16. Packed a vaporizer like 20 times of nothing but kief I was ripped out of my mind trying to play poker it was a good time
  17. The day was 4:20:08...there were four of us...4 huge blunts...an ounce...one hotbox

    smoked out of every possible piece you could think of

    RooRs, zongs, 5 foot bongs, vapes, 1/4 blunts, gram joints, sneaks, gravis, sherlocks, spoons, an apple...you name it

  18. Oh one night it was me and three other heads I had just picked up a quarter lb of white widow...Were sitting in this tiny as room so it gets hotboxed easily we smoked two 2 gram blunts and then were sitting there and my friend is telling me how he has a super blunt and he was waiting for the right time we somehow talked him into rolling this up so we packed 10 grams and a gram of kief in this blunt and smoked that between the four of us....Its a tie between this one and the last post

  19. why thank you friend :smoking:

    if i knew had to rep i would
  20. the night before i moved from california to texas me and my best buddy loaded up 10 bowls of mix of all star romulan, all star jack frost HASH, and grape tobacco. it was the most fucked up I have ever been in my life off of any substance. hands down.

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