The highest I've been in a loooooong time

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  1. My buddy, T, and I smoked total 3 bowls last night, which wasn't exceptionally a large amount, but both him and I have been really taking it slow on the marijuana lately, so especially my tolerance is way down. Well when we were done smoking we chilled in his smoke-filled car and he mentioned something that he felt like he was underwater. Well that really got me trippin 'cause I was imagining myself in a fish bowl looking outside. I felt like I was breathing underwater and it was freakin insane. He and I were pretending to swim around and everything. :hello:

    We smoked at around 10:30 and I was still really fucked up when I went to bed around 1:15.

    Unfortunately I really can't smoke for another 2 weeks :(
  2. Haha sounds awesome dude!

    Why can't you smoke for another 2 weeks?
  3. [​IMG]
  4. I promised my bf that I would only smoke once every 2 weeks.

  5. Thats really tight, instead of just having you fuly quit, every 2 weeks is nice.
  6. nah, thats really oppressive, he shouldn't be the one controlling what you do with your time.
  7. We've come to an agreement though. He is concerned about me and he has a reason to be. He has told me it isn't his place to interfere but he at least wants me to respect his opinions on the subject matter, which I do.
  8. If that's what the two of you came up with and you're happy with that, then it's all good. But if you start smoking behind his back because you want to smoke more often, that's where problems may arise and it's probably going to happen eventually so you should just tell him now that smoking once every two weeks is inadequate. But I guess if you're fine with smoking once every two weeks, more power to you.
  9. Hah i totally understand where your coming from.

    Thursday afternoon i dropped by my buddy Matt's place with my little bro and his friend Dan, we were getting Dan high for the first time.

    I swear we must have packed like 12-15 bowls. Dan smoked wayyy too much and we had to help him get home. Matt actually smoked too much for him to handle, and he told me he felt like shit for most of the night after that.

    As for me, i can hardly remember what i did Thursday night, I brought an entire half O to the session and came out of it with a little over a quarter left. My friend Matt also had about 2g's of some great shit, not sure what strain it was, but it was some good stuff.

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