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The Highest I have ever been.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Thorkgonsam, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. So today me and some of my friends decided to go hiking in this wooded area, my friend rolled a blunt made dank and mint, I already knew how heavy blunts hit me, but I was definitely not prepared for what happened. I was all of a sudden way too fucking high, only after a few hits, and my friends weren't experiencing any of this shit, I sat on a dried up creek bed and laid my back against the log, my vision was wobbilying back and forth, I stood up to try to shake it off and took a small walk about 15 feet away.
    upon walking back my vision wasn't fading into black but it gradually became dark from the outside in. I thought to myself "you are too high just sit down, if you pass out you are in good company"
    Then I sat and drank alot of tea, everything started materializing again, I remembered where I was and I shook off the "too high" and went back to being very stoned. It took me 6 hours to fully shake off that high.... why do blunts hit me this crazily.
  2. cool bory stro
  3. Wasn't a story it was a question.
  4. Might just be a coincidence that everytime you smoke a blunt u and ur friends happen to killer weed...or their putting keif in the blunt...only thing I can think of
  5. Lack of oxygen? Something in the water or the weed? Dunno but that shouldn't happen, bro.

    See a doctor.
  6. See look at this shit.

    What's with deez kids sayin it takes em blunt afta blunt to get highh

    nawww dogggg

    you just got more thc in yer system

  7. Yeeaahhh, he's right. I think you're dying, man.
  8. Do you smoke cigs? If not the tobacco from the blunt wrap will definitely give you a buzz from the nicotine.

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