The Highest Expressions of Love

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  1. I got to thinking, porn is such a massive industry because it is filling a void. So why is human expression being suppressed which is causing this industry to be so popular? Is it because we have a remnant gene program that was activated during the various periods in human history where procreation was vital, like ice ages or after plagues?

    Does it have to do with humans self-awareness and self-hatred, of the individual and collective?

    Is porn a way to 'trick yoursel' into procreating less while still addressing the biological impulses? Is that what contraceptives are?

    But even in times where procreation was necessary beneficial (often times children took part in sustaining the family so more kids made it easier), brothels existed, it is the oldest known industry/profession.

    Humans are fairly apt at expressing/acting out the very worst emotions, but it seems we have not become as apt at expressing the very best emotions. "Good parents" often think it is best to not fight in front of their kids. I think that just means they are not 'fighting' in a healthy manner, if they were, they would want to show their kids how to properly deal with disagreements or anger etc. On the same token, parents may show their children love and patience, honesty etc, but how do they learn how to properly channel love/passion/physical emotions? Often people say they don't have as much sex the longer they are married, as if it becomes mundane. Some ways to 'spice it up' is different holes or positions or toys or more partners or porn etc. But perhaps the expression of love wants more meaningful, deeper expressions in a way we don't understand, novelty.

    Do we need to figure out how to - as a society - teach the highest expressions we know? And as an aggregate, once most people are on that plane, we can start literally pushing the boundry? It seems like we could or should be utterly content just holding hands with a loved one, eyes closed with no distractions. That may be a very pure indication of a deep love, but it neglects the rest of our existence and the people around us. If it was the ultimate 'good' it should be sufficient, but that idea would die if you didnt also procreate.

    So what are the highest expressions of love you have experienced or can conceive of? And how can we proliferate those into the culture? I think if that were an agenda, we would start to see less and less hurt and damaged people, and we would rise as a species.

    This is a high thought, and typed in a relative hurry so i can get it out to go to sleep, i hope it is cogent enough.
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  2. The Highest Expressions of Love is ejaculation which Im aptly prepared
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  3. I can’t speak for the loftier goals humanity should strive to achieve but having the kettle just boiled just when ms winks wants tea is a good dead I love doing.
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  4. My husband doesn't always say much but the little things he does show me how much he loves me. He makes meals just for me and coffee...he takes care of the house when I don't feel well, and he listens. Little things like that. I think his best expressions of love are not words but actions.
    I have learned a lot about love bc of that.
    Overall, romantic love and sex is so very personal. You share your soul AND your body. You share your whole being. I think the highest expression of love is not to run away from it. Embrace it, even if it's scary. If you get hurt, if it turns out you gave your love and didn't get it back? At least you expressed your love and were connected with it. Allowing oneself to be vulnerable is beautiful. My husband cries sometimes, no shame and that is an honor that he trusts me that way. He is the first person I ever really cried in front of who didn't act weird or uncomfortable. Love is a powerful scary thing but one whose love is more powerful than fear? Is probably one of the greatest lovers of all time.
    Love is respect too. Friends are great, but boundaries! Some men have many women friends and they get too close. Micro cheating happens. Vice versa with women and male friends and other flirty or nosy friends. Just a way of running away. Porn is another way to run but hey, whatever gets you through it if you're single and need a little something. But I think when you let go of walls and just see a person you respect, love and connect to like never before? You just allow. Stress falls away. Inhibitions fade and passion burns like the sun.
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  5. I agree that romantic love and intimacy are deeply personal and involve a sharing of both body and soul. It can be scary to open yourself up to love, but even if you face heartbreak or unrequited love, at least you had the courage to express your feelings and connect with love. Being vulnerable is indeed a beautiful aspect of love, and it's touching that your husband feels comfortable enough to cry in front of you. It shows a level of trust and emotional intimacy between you two.

    Love is a complex and multifaceted emotion, and respect is an essential part of it. While having friends is great, it's important to establish boundaries to avoid any misunderstandings or potential emotional infidelity. Both men and women can have close friends of the opposite gender, but it's crucial to be aware of the potential for crossing boundaries. Running away from true intimacy through actions like micro-cheating or relying on porn is not a healthy way to address emotional needs.
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  6. I Don Ever Watch Any Porn It Just Not Interesting For Me To See Other Folks Havin Sex. I Rather Just Get Some Love From My Husband Personally An Make My Memories Ina Bed Room With Him. Me An My Boo Share All Our Body An Mind An Soul With Other An So Much That We Can Finish Each other Thoughts An Sentences An He The Only Man I Really Ever Love An Told My Deepest Darkest Secrets Too. He Know Me Better Then Any1 An We Got 5 Kids Together An Soon To Be 6 Too. We Made For EachOther An Perfect ParentalTeam/Lovers/Soul Mates/Best Friends/An Partners In Crime Lol.

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  7. Thank you so much and you're right! People do run away to friends, work, what have you, to avoid intimacy. I did that too NGL, I did a lot of creative things and had some success but I kinda got so involved it affected my marriage. Things have improved but I haven't done anything creative in awhile. Recently someone reached out to me to collaborate on a project. I'm excited but very scared bc my husband has a lot of issues around creativity and performing arts bc of past experiences not just with me but long before. Oh well. We'll be okay. Love is always there no matter what!
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  8. What's the deal with tentacles?
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  9. My son who is a IT manager says that approximately 70% of the internet is porn. That's a serious amount of porn out there. As for the highest expression of love, I think the only 'real' love is that which a parent has for a child. What most people consider 'love' is simply a biochemical reaction in the brain that makes us want to nail anyone we're attracted to. I mean I was married for 21 years and the day after her parents died she filed for divorce (but before she got her multimillion dollar inheritance). If you watch these people who claim about how awesome they are cause they've been married 40-50-60 years, see how much they actually interact. My ex's parents were married 52 years but the last 20 of those they barely spoke to each other, never held hands, never showed affection of any kind. This is the majority of these people. I'm sure there are people who have been married for decades and decades who are still 'in love' but I'd bet it's a tiny %.
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