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the high life BITCH

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nahitscool, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Im in college i have a job and i smoke alot haha I got my doctors permit and i pay about 120-220 a month for my bud. I LOVE to get HHIIGGEHH so im baked pretty much any time that I (fuck the haters) feel is appropriate. do you guys also feel like if you can get away with living life high you should because most people in their life dont get that opportunity?
  2. Yes, I quite enjoy being high.
  3. Hell yeah bro. im not greedy i dont toke up for myself. I toke up for everyone out there who wants to but cant.
  4. Defiantly the way to be my friend :)
    Being baked 24/7 keeps the world happy
  5. my only hope is that i can blow enough herb smoke out of my lungs and into the atmosphere to get the entire planet high to bring the world together. ill be a martyr.
  6. I'm with ya. I found my self in a situation where I can blow an oz a week and be just fine money wise. I'm just glad I live on the west coast.
  7. definately
    i love being high all day errrday
  8. This thread is 75% of the reason people jump to the conclusion that all stoners are idiots.
  9. I am gonna cry over the fact that im not legal...bastards...
  10. #10 kronman907, Aug 12, 2011
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    Um why explain? How much do you smoke a week. Cause you treat weed very Differently when it costs 160 per oz compared to 400 per oz in some places.
  11. #11 Slurms McKenzie, Aug 12, 2011
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    He's not talking about the price
    The wording of the OP makes him sound dumb as well as majority of comments they all give off a negative image

    And also exploiting the MMJ system isn't cool leave the medicine to people who NEED it and not stupid people who just wanna get legal pot...

  12. I wasn't talking about anything regarding the amount of weed people can/do/are able to smoke. I meant that this thread is just a bunch of people saying, "yeh get high evryday man stoned4life weed rocks."
  13. Sorry slurms i kind of agree but im not in an mmj state. People do wanna "legally" smoke weed and so do i. i know your on a year long t-break from it but if i could i would abuse it to.
  14. Weed is apart of the life I live friend.
    If I want to spend my life indulging my senses then so be it
  15. naw my shits legit i have back nerve problems i go to the gym everyday instead of PH. honestly i cant do anything about other peoples options on me or stoners in general so fuck it.
  16. #16 Slurms McKenzie, Aug 12, 2011
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    And those are the same reasons congress give to try to ban any other states from turning green or decriminaizing MMJ

  17. ha my state is full of dumb fuck republican politicians. so i dont worry about my state becoming legal anytime soon
  18. chill its going to be legal i just heard about Israel making medical marijuana guidelines. The fact is if you live in a state with medical then in joy it if you dont then either movie or wait it out because eventually your state will get it. the mid west it next then the east coast and DC will get it last. sorry guys...
  19. Yes,smoke weed.......erryday
  20. and just so you know i use it for my insomia more then i use it for recreation

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