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The High End/Heady - Pic/Vid Thread

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by *guest, May 19, 2010.

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  1. loving the toro 8-arm. their older tubes are so classy imo. though i love how simple my stemles disc is. ods, i wanna hit your disc-13, and the gridlineid drop dead gorgeous.
  2. Thank you everyone, I hope this thread makes a lot of people happy.

    I see some stuff, that honestly I would take down, like the pretty simple looking inline binger, no color or nothin, think it was Vertigo or somthing? Either way, ill leave it for now, but we dont need any more simple ass glass, Ill let a few slide, but there will be NO repeats on that shit

    GC still reppin SICK ass glass I see! Also, I wish my medicali bubbler was worked or somthing, it would def. be in here..
  3. get some sickness of your own DR. hit up LEAR, he is fresh on the torch.
  4. I should have some pics up sometime today.... hopefully.
  5. well this is a prodo piece but in my opinion it qualifies as high-end. Luke Wilson Mini series 10 arm w/5 arm D-stem:

  6. thats absolutely high end, work or not, that is a dream tube.
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    DR, are we posting clear glass or not? I thought it was a no based on the sg, toro roor comment. We need clarification or it's going to explode soon.

    Edit: Didn't want to start a discussion. That's why I specifically asked Diamond Rasta.
  8. i enjoy seeing a nice luke wilson any time of the day
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