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The High-End Glass Picture Thread

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by trikky, Mar 4, 2009.

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    Hey GC. I know, I know- this thread is long overdue.

    This thread is dedicated to high end tubes and glass ONLY. NO CHINA GLASS.

    I will remove any glass that does not fit these guidelines. If you are wondering if it does, feel free to post a picture, and we'll let you know. Just understand that if it's not, it will be removed.

    These guidelines are the ones that the Blades want, so please don't ask me to change them.

    I'll start us out---

    US Tubes 7mm Bubble Bottom, with the Snic electroformed gas mask slide

  2. Imma whore out (repost) these two pics again, just because I like them a lot haha.



    other vid is uploading...
  3. ehem china ehem
  4. I don't know anything about them. Does anyone else with experience with these tube have some information to bring to light? The picture is not detailed enough for me to see the tube really.

    EDIT::: Yeah, I didn't realize that the picture was an attachment. Upon closer inspection, that's definitely China made glass, man. I'm gonna remove the picture.
  5. :confused: If you say so. Seems to be good construction and made of solid pyrex just like any other nice piece of glass.
  6. kennaroo sherlock



  7. ^^Wow, that's a totally sick sherly. Love the wiggy on the front, too.

    Fat chunk of opal. All around sickness, lol.
  8. thanks trikky. i love the opal. roo's work is awesome and just getting better and better
  9. I love the Kennaroo Sherly, he has been killing it lately with the big ol' chunks of opal.
  10. just snagged this one tonight!

  11. No doubt. I would really like to see some fresh style from him. I don't know... i understand he has his style, but it'd be nice to something fresh from him too.
  12. Nice Illadelph, don't see all that many with a perc and their screen slides are nifty as well. The Hops looks so precise but then again he is the originator. Color Coordination FTW!
  13. yeah, i get that. he just always does the wig's and not much else. it'd be cool to see him try some chaos again
  14. I don't know much about how he is at sculpting, but I'd love to see some sculpted stuff from him.
  15. ive got a couple pieces I believe may qualify.

    Nightmare: done by a local blower who im still trying to track down. last I heard she was in taos NM. hopefully I can get a matching bubbler some day.

    The Dream Mucheen: bubbler Blown by Buckeye.

    great thread by the way.:cool:

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  16. ^^Sweet contributions! I definitely need to start collecting more dry's and bubblers. I almost grabbed this HUGE Big Z bubbler the other day, but I really wasn't feeling spending $500 on it. I'll find one definitely worth $500+ soon, though.

  17. Word......nuthin super high end but all good glass!
  18. LoL im in the same boat right now. im torn between a custom ROOR or one of N3rds inline tubes. I think once im spending over a certain amount, the piece has to be right y'know?

    I mean its not like I wont get them both, just havent decided which one to get first.:p
  19. Keep em' coming

    can't wait till I have something that is worthy enough to show in this thread
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    24" Rasta|22" 8-arm SG Sovereignty|17" Toro|15" Custom Ehle|14" 5-arm mini|14" Orange Label (Took the ZOB out, wasn't worthy)
    Custom Wildrok Inline|4-arm Anniversary
    Custom Alex K. Sherlock
    A few of my favorite slides

    (re post of pics but w/e)

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