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The herb that brings people together

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by crisk21, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. I have this class I'm taking during the summer and my friend Alexandra was kinda friends with this guy Ty. I've been going to this class since the 1st of July. We kind of became friends over the time and just joking I asked "Hey Ty, ever shoot yourself up with heroin?" and it started a whole conversation about drugs. I found out he does weed and knows about it unlike the ignorant wannabe badasses who don't know the difference between sativa and indica. Now we are tight as fuck and we're going to smoke up sometime. Now what makes me happy about him is he's not some douchebag metalhead stoner (not calling metalheads douchebags) that go around screaming "I DO POT HUR HUR." He's just a normal guy. Today my dealer said he wouldn't deal to me and Ty offered to get me some bud if I payed for it. I just love weed. It brings people together.

    What are your stories with bringing up weed and looking at someone completely different because of what you had in common?

    Man I make too many threads :p
  2. For future reference, don't start a conversation about drugs / trying to get smoked up with this again, (Good thing it worked too, or you might've had to start talking about meth).

    You never know when someone will, laugh, pull out a needle, and say "you first."

  3. I think you mean salvia :cool:
  4. Because whenever I meet new friends I always ask them if they shoot up some drugs :)
  5. Why diidnt your herbal shaman sell to you? Was he dry or being a dick
  6. I take offense to the metalhead part.

  7. Huh? OP means the difference between Sativa and Indica strains of marijuana...

    But anyways, weed always brings people together, that's what it's all about. That feeling of satisfaction you get every time you meet somebody and discover that they smoke weed. Immediately puts a smile on my face because I know we can just chill, smoke a joint, and enjoy each other's company.
  8. derp.
  9. No, he spelled it right.

    You on the other hand...:rolleyes:

  10. Sativa and Indica are different types of marijuana...Salvia is an entirely differnet plant.

  11. Nah he's cool. I just brought it up with him today. In my area people joke around with drugs.

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