The Hempest in Northampton

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  1. Anyone in the Northamton/Amherst area been to The Hempest in Northampton? I want to get my first piece there, preferably a good glass spoon,but I just want to know the following things:

    1.) Prices
    2.) Selection
    3.) Quality
    4.) Carding (not for me, but a few friends were wondering if they could buy some stuff without having to convince an 18+ to be a proxy)

    anyone want to help a fellow MA'er out?

    also, when (if?) I get it, I will be posting some pics =P
  2. If they're affiliated with the hempests in Boston, it's probably very lax on carding. It's probably got sick glass but at grotesque prices and nice glass and a slightly steep price.
  3. Thanks for the info!
    anyone who's actually been there have anything to add?
  4. how is the selection there? do they only have spoons or do they have bong and bubblers?
  5. That's what I'd like to know. =P you in the area?
  6. Nah, you won't find much in North Hampton. You'll find a few pieces in The Hempest, but the majority is just overpriced hemp clothing.

    Hit up CT or New York if you're looking for good glass.

    Its just a few dry spoons and maybe a few bubblers.
  7. luckily all I want is a dry spoon. what kind of prices can I expect?
  8. Hempest is REALLY expensive-- bought a sharpstone grinder there for $50- before i knew you could get the same one off ebay for $20-

    I love the clothing though, bought my hemp Ipath's there :)
  9. what are the spoon's prices like?
  10. If the Hempest is so expensive as I have been told, where can I get a simple, cheap glass spoon in Northampton?
  11. when it came to seattle it had tooons of glass. sooo many dry spoons. you have a huge price range, small super thick, to elaborate spoons. When i went this year a stand selling small thick spoons would throw them at the ground without them breaking.

  12. Nice! I just heard from a friend that they sell them as "incense burners" so you don't need ID or anything to buy them =P

    "no officer, it's just an incense holder. with a carb. and a mouthpiece. for.......smelling the incense. and its just..the incense is so profound, i reach a spiritual plain of oats and grain......YA KNOW MAN?"
  13. yeah umass
  14. I live 10 min from noho. The hempest doesn't have a large selection, they have mostly bubblers and spoons. You're best bet is to head to Northern Lights in Enfield, CT. They have prtty much anything you will need. Also, if you know the right people, you could have something custom made for you at Trade Roots in Amherst.
  15. im hoping extravaganja will bring some nice pieces out

  16. All I want is a cheap glass spoon. Can you give me an idea of prices for this? It would be much appreciated.


  17. Exactly. I went to the Hempest in Boston, and EVERYTHING in there was ridiculously expensive. clothes, jewelry, pieces, you name it they wanted bank for everything.
  18. Northern Lights does have a fairly nice selection, but Vibrations is maybe 1000 feet away. Vibrations definitely has Northern Lights beat on quality of products (i saw twp questionable roors--one with a rubbed off label and one with a rather crooked joint-- at Northern Lights) as well as the fact that they have a larger selection and a knowledgeable, friendly staff. They do card, but they won't have any problem with your underage friends being in the store and even pointing out what they think you should get, you just need to be 18 to actually make a purchase.

    To the OP, if you're thinking about making the drive to Enfield, definitely go to Vibrations before Northern Lights.
  19. so vibrations is better than NL? i didnt like NL's prices that much.
  20. ive been to the one in boston, they are overpriced but are lax on carding

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