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  1. i think thats a scam
  2. Why? It's not.

    Do some research, that's all I can say.

    I was doing some research and found this place this morning. Nice. I hope to learn alot from all of you who have been around awhile.

    I did sign on with the Hemp Network, and it's valid money to join and they need all the help they can get. You know it's worth the cause...

    Even if you don't sign up, show others. Hemp rules!

    I will be writing an FAQ for new sign ons soon.
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    I do believe in them. Infact i'm the Lead Rep of GA with 28 members signed under me. recognise the opportunity here for marketers such as myself. Free membership allows me to quickly get other like minded individuals to join.
    From what i see, theyre still at startup for a MLM. Zero products & limited contacts/active members. They are smart to promote in CA, WA, CO, And other west coast states. im building a team in GA to connect with other forming HN members. But since this business idea of theirs' started FEB 2010 i havent met any teams like mine on the EAST coast, let alone down south.
    My prediction for the 'hemp craze' in the US is 4 to 7 years to travel from the west to the east coast. Dont be crazy. This is the AVON of hemp! JOIN WHILE ITS FREE.

    if you have a BG in multi level marketing, on ANY level. If you want a slice of the hemp industry. If you would like to join a Leader who will keep you informed on the 'hemp movement' contact me. OR thru GC forums

  4. I too have quite a list on my downline, (66 at present) however the MLM thing is new to me. I agree with you that this is going HUGE...and it is all I can do to keep up with demand for information.

    With the company's lack of products at this time, many are shying away...we must keep them on...products are coming--don't let them turn their heads because there are but a handful of products!

    Let's get our heads together on this...I need to fatten my head up with MLM knowledge and rankings for my website (not THN one, but mine,

    BTW, is there any way to change my user name...I looked and I did not see it. I just left out the "N"!
  5. You have to keep emaling support@hempnetwork. theyre slow but i feel like theirs fewer ppl running the "support" team then they let off, which is fine and dandy-it just takes a while.
    A good thing to tell your new members is that there IS a lack of products and they need to join and put HN in the back of their schedules for now. The only members i focus on are the members willing to recruit. The lack of products is my same issue, but the way I see it is that by this time next year, there should be at least 7 products that we will have to promote.
    Keep in mind that their main problem is FINDING hemp product suppliers; the only ones that manufacture hemp products have to ship internationally. Once industrial hemp is legal again in the US, im quite sure Hemp Network will have a FLOOD of products. Get your members to join under the notion of FREE to join while you can, because it wont be like this for long. send them "updates" every month. But currently, as far as SALES theres not enough variety at the moment.
  6. I do exactly that; I tell all my new recruits to hang in there..this is just the beginning. And I do agree about the lack of availablity of hemp based products. It's out there though... do a search online and it is available, but I think they need serious large quantities at a reasonable cheap cost so we can all profit.

    In the meantime, I made a website, set up on online 420 shop and that has kept me very busy, besides placing ads and answering email!

    It's work, but fun!

    GreenTree of Life .com | A Resource For The Hemp Network MLM– Promoting Hemp Health Worldwide
  7. Thats great! I started to research the hemp industry for about 28 days now. Last night in a meeting with my leaders, we discussed the issue of LACK of products and what we can do to MAKE MONEY NOW while waiting on the HN to get their line of products set.
    One member suggest we start OUR OWN merchant site. Sell hemp products from OTHER wholesalers. Honestly, i found HN 1st online as far as starting a hemp business and I havent done MLM for about 6 years, 2 if i count my OWN marketing campain for Real Estate connects. So today, im searching for HEMP WHOLESALE companies so i can sell my own products while HN makes up their mind.
    Hemp Network is still a powerful tool to make money if and when they complete their 'launch' status.
  8. Yes,! I too have thought about what you are thinking of...starting an online busines selling hemp items....buying wholesale and selling on your own site. That is a great idea! But unfortunately, I don'tt have the capitol to stock, keep inventory. That's why I chose the aStore format on Amazon. I never knew there was sooooo much to choose from in regards to 420 items. Have I made any moeny? No. Maybe one day. It's all I can do to learn how to get my website higher in rankings and then I can focus on the 420 shop. I called it The Doobie Shack, after my dog, Doobie. (my youngest son named him that!)

    So keep me posted on your website if you get it up and running.

    I have tons of ideeas and no way to implement them. Siiiiigh. :)

    GreenTree of Life .com | A Resource For The Hemp Network MLM– Promoting Hemp Health Worldwide

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