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The hemp and cannabis foundation

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by JCrohn, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. What do you guys know about these guys in WA state?

    I am going to be making an appointment with them, however I am only 18 (i do have crohn's disease though)
  2. It is a reputable orgnization. High fee at $200 is the only downside. I do my card there. get Dr Orvalt to sign and you can be cali legal.

  3. alright guys, now all i have to do is make the appointment and im set.

    I have crohns, add, and depression...lets hope that this works :)
  4. Your crohn's qualifies you in WA. No worries. Go get that card!! :hello:

  5. THCF is a good organizaion, I just got my WA medical approval here in Spokane (for Glaucoma).

    If you pay ahead it's $180.

    You will have no trouble getting your approval! Go for it!
  6. now im freaking excited for the weekend to be over :) (in order to make an appointment)
  7. Holy Crap. That is great news!!

    +Rep for you!!


    So, if I carry my certified copy with Dr. Orvald's Cali...I can go to a dispensary there, no problem?


    Oh that would be SUCH good news...
  8. I really don't believe your card from WA will work in CA. There is only one or two states which allow such things and CA is not one of them as far as I remember. The THCF is a large organization with clinics in around 8 states as far as I know.
  9. Doctor who are licensed in several states give you paperwork that is a basis for being legal. In California I understand you just need the signed paperwork. In oregon you need to be a citizen to get a card. So it depends on if you must be a citizen of a state to use MMJ.

  10. From what I understand of California you do only need the recommendation, so I believe you are correct.

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