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  1. Fellow blades,

    I decided to start a journal finally. I'm coming out of the closet and showing up on the WWW.

    Along the way I burned a lot of genetics by not being careful enough with PPM and PH. I've since learned from my mistakes and I'm playing catchup. plants are resilient and are producing.

    Bloom room: I'm using a 12 pot ebb and grow system running GH nutes, cal mag additive, flora bloom. About to add humboldt honey this week as well. Ppm 1500 ph 6. 1x600 watt HPS air cooled, 2x300 watt Chinese LEDs.

    Veg tent: 4x2 botanicare flood table. GH nutes, 500 ppm PH 5.8-6.0. 300 watt sunshine systems grow panel.

    Clone cabinet: 30 site ez cloner using clonex juice not gel. Running a single jump start 18/6

    I've got a lot growing on right now...we're about 15-20 days from my first big harvest, 11 plants a few different phenotypes. I scored some mothers legally through craigslist, and threw them into the bloom room with the 4 blue velvet clones I already had veg'ing.

    The veg tent has 2 very healthy blue velvet clones, 8 chocoloupe, one pandora box started from seed. When I harvest these will be the next batch into the bloom room.

    On 12-17-12 I put 18 various cuttings into the cloner. This is the first time Im using it. I had a "clone king" i bought off eBay but the res was too small and the water temps kept creeping up too fast. I expect to have a high rate of survival this go round.

    Seeds were started on 12-16-12. 12 sour diesels, feminized, medical and legal transaction in the great state of AZ.

    These pics are all from the bloom room.

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  2. Sour D...all 12 seeds took root.

    I soaked them for 48 hours then used the plate and paper towels. All grew tremendous tap roots in the paper and then I moved them into rock wool that I soaked and ph'd to 6.3

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  3. Here they are, 11 days from germinating. All 12 took.

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