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The Helix BONG

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by stephisdead, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. As a faithful user of the Helix pipe by GravLabs (I have the multi-set), I have just discovered to my astonished glory that there is now a Helix Bong! It must be seen to be believed, and I need to get my hands on one. Problem is that GravLabs website is pretty much view-only, and they say on their site that you gotta get that shit in your local shop. Has anyone actually used one of these yet? Do you like it? Quality? Price? If you haven't seen it, or haven't seen the Helix pipe, youtube that shit.
  2. There are videos on youtube and the price is going to be around $400. But I wouldn't get one because as you can see in this picture the smoke has to travel through a very small passage in the middle that will definitely be a bottleneck and cause some decent drag.

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    [ame=""]YouTube- The Helix bong[/ame]
  4. [ame=]YouTube - crazy double helix bong rip[/ame]

    ill take that one
  5. they look cool but in the second video he struggles to clear it, so these tubes seem to be more of a gimmick like the tsunami or hurricane tube and not really worth the price imo. save the 400 and get a sweet tube.
  6. :eek: the gayest thing EVER.

    k the helix pipe in my book is awesome (never tried it) but it looks alot better then a they look like they have alot of space for alot of air so when you pull your slide it doesnt clear good. (like in the 2nd vid he has troubles)

    400 bucks can get you a decent perc'd bong what probaby hits 100x better.

  7. I'm thinking the reason he struggled is because of lack of lung capacity, that thing looks to have minimal drag:bongin:
  8. are you serious? see that little ass bowl that takes him 20 seconds to smoke and then 3 seconds to clear the tube? that isnt a lung capacity issue its from the drag.

  9. need to get the physics of it correct to understand why its like this, ok so, your pulling in via a hole slightly smaller than normal, air pressure is bound to build, yes, thats REQUIRED, to create that funnel, it looks like he is trying so hard and no smokes coming out cause the first bit of smoke is wrapped so tight in a vortex you cant see it, then as it seeps in more, you can see a super tightly pulled funnel of smoke in the center with a little bit of the smoke slowing down and becomming trapped in rotation around the vortex, the harder you suck, the faster the vortex, the cooler the smoke. So hes pulling super hard on purpose, not because he had to, if he hadnt, the funnel would jsut be a swirly effect like the tsunami...which is actually retarded...but looks cool. Ive smoked one and its not hard to pull on, but making the vortex effective is harder than your everyday i get a nice cold hit, but you need to be experienced in the bong lung capacity department to pull long enough to make that sweet funnel hahahahaha

    ADD: it also seems the clear is caused by lack of lung space, cause it decieves you, the air has to travel WAY further since its spinning, so you think you can clear it, and the air only gets 80% of the way thru for what would be 100% in any other situation
  10. Totally right. Do you know what lung capacity is? It is the amount the lungs can hold, he is obviously able to hold all of the smoke as he does clear it. However it takes him way too long to clear it because the piece is draggy.
  11. I've spent well over 400 bucks for most of the pieces in my rather large, OCD filled, glass collection. when i see sometime different or crazy, i have to get it, so im familiar with percs of all shapes and sizes. I love the look of this Helix bong, and knowing the technology from having the pipe, I'm thinking i might have to have this.
  12. ^^^this! yes.
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    thanks sirsog but yes i understand the physics of it and how it works and air pressure does not build when you suck on it your creating a vacuum. see adding drag & time to clear it is just not needed when i can hit my circ/circ toro and smoke two or three of his bowls in half the time and acquire the same smooth if not smoother hit. just not worth it imo.

    and yes gigglin i know what lung capacity is, hence why i said that it isnt a lung capacity issue you even quoted it.
  14. I know, I said you were right. The lung capacity thing was in response to the poster before you.
  15. oh my bad dude i misread it then sorry :smoking:

  16. No, it takes him all of .5 seconds to clear the thing. Watch and pay attention without all your already established opinions and see, it's not drag, it's lung capacity. He wouldn't be making those body movements because of drag...:bongin:
  17. This bong looks interesting, and smokes a bit different too. How does it hit though, like will it get you ripped(pricey bong)? Seems that no one has had an answer for that yet.
  18. looks kinda cool, wouldnt think about gettin one yet tho
  19. Too expensive imo, around 200-250 would sound much more reasonable
  20. get boro market account
    buy sg mini worked stemline for same price as this hunk of shit

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