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  1. Hey guys maybe i have a weird qeustion but i need the healthiest bong. I dont like vapors wich i know is the healthiest way but i need a bong wich filters the most. I hope you guys can help me out!
  2. If by healthy you mean water-filtered the most, I guess it depends on which way you'd wanna go - either multiple percs, or maybe just a single highly diffused perc like a frit disc. Then of course you'd want a carbon filter attachment as well. What kind of budget?
  3. My budget is 1-180 euro,s and i dont prefer a type of bong just the most healthy 1 for that kind of money
  4. Ok... well I'm still not sure what you mean by healthy. What quality of the bong will make it a "healthy" bong?
  5. I'm kind of lost on this too. There's not much of a difference health wise, I'd just say get an activated carbon filter and maybe a couple percolators. The percs don't make it healthier to my knowledge but they make the smoke smoother.
  6. Healthy'd.
  7. Apples are healthy!! Use one of those lol!
  8. This is just my stoned thinking so im just gonna let this fly but wouldnt more percs, ashcatchers and such make it healthier?

    Because resin (i believe) is all the bad stuff that bongs are supposed to get rid of right? So wouldnt more percs and such be taking more of that stuff and building resin in the percs aswell as bowl, stem, base, etc? I dunno i thought more filtration = less bad stuff from weed.
  9. This.
  10. Its entirely possible but I just haven't researched it at all so I didn't want to say that they would be healthier. That would make sense though.
  11. A carbon filter will make a whole world of a difference whereas different bongs won't really do shit in terms of health.

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