The Heady Glass Thread [Pic/Vid]

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  1. Coo coo cool. Thank you for the help.
  2. Very nice !
  3. Was just in my head shop and they had a fully functional disc golf basket! Thing was so nice. Think they were asking 3 grand for it. Would be so worth it. I'll see if he'll let me snap a pic of it next time I'm in.
  4. Please tell me you've taken a picture of this by now! Must see!
  5. I hope this is heady enough lol. I can't find a better picture ATM. But the bottom is a mushroom. This is my first bong and there is a bunch of design on the bottom. Better pics soon

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  6. 20180104_025022.jpg
    New dab rig. Been a while since I've owned one. Forgot to buy a torch....
  7. no china glass in the "heady" glass thread, that'd be great
  8. Sometimes I miss my glass collection.. wish we had a more active thread here.. I remember posting back when it was the "high end" glass thread

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  9. Me too. I still have all my glass but it just sits all boxed up. The glass threads used to be all sorts of active. Back when toro and sov was the glass to own. And salt was all the rage and micro an snic
  10. I just got back on this site a few days ago. I remember when this entire site was more active in general. I know I personally have been gone for a while because the reddit's rise in popularity but I miss the old days here :(
  11. I haven't even smoked weed I like 5yrs

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  12. What's up everyone. Just picked this up. Does anyone recognize the artist signature?

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