The "Have You Ever" game...

Discussion in 'General' started by dynasty, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. This is my favorite game to play when I'm at parties around the pit circle trying to get to know people I don't's a very simple game.

    It starts with a question, then you answer it (truthfully), and put up another question.


    Have you ever beat up anyone?
  2. yeah i beat up my best friend long ago (before we became friends)

    Have you ever actually "loved" someone?
  3. No..I thought it was love..but I just really cared for her.

    Have you ever pissed your own pants?
  4. Yep, from laughing really hard back in middle school, and once asleep from being drunk.

    Have you ever dropped someone else's bong?
  5. Nope, but came close.

    Have you had sex with someone who was just a friend?
  6. kinda, i guess, met her at the party, ended up with her by the end of the night.....but if that doesn't count then no.

    Have you ever tried jumping over a fire at a party at the same time your buddy does?? (on accident...)
  7. lol, no cant say that i have

    have you ever found a sack of bud?
  8. Yes, but it was my mom's.

    Have you ever tried to do a back/front flip on solid concrete?
  9. no but my friend did on a bicycle and got in a really fucked up crash n lost his pinky on the disc brake last week....serious....

    have you ever tried to get high off stem and gotten a huuuge headache b4
  10. Ya I tried stems and got a headache (everyones in jr high once in there life) Actually stems work in a vaporizer.....

    Ever break a glass piece...

  11. I've broken a couple...

    Ever seen a ghost?
  12. Never

    Ever shaved your pits?
  13. Lmao please tell me your a woman.


    Have you ever blew into the bong and got the weed wet.
  14. yes unfortunately

    have you ever puked from a bongrip
  15. yes, I took maybe 8 or 9 huge hits from a 4 footer and I was sooooooooooo fucked I barely made it to the bathroom.

    have you ever gotten thrown out of a bar?
  16. yes only when i was tring to smoke as much as i could and i started laughing mid way thru blazing...

    have you ever paid alot for schwag and found out when its too late ?
  17. no, I have a pretty trustworthy dealer.

    Have you ever blacked out and did something you would normally not do?
  18. can't say I have, I guess thats a good thing...

    Have you ever tried doing something realllllllyy wreckless while tripping on something?
  19. Like last christmas i was hanging out with a few friends and i was so trashed on vodka and weed i almost jumped off a 20 foot rock after a bottle of vodka

    have you ever craved almonds?
  20. No...

    Have you ever watched Ernest Goes to Camp?

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