The Harvest

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  1. Well i've been away for a while harvesting my plant, big sucker it was too at over 7 1/2'....well here's the results...the buds weighed in at approx 5oz.....a big thanks to Woody for all his help to get it this far and also to McCurry..BPP and Ndica Bud wherever he may be, and anyone else who helped me on this's thanks to you guys that these pictures were able to be taken......Peace out....Sid...pic to follow
  2. pic 1

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  3. pic 2...a glass jar full

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  4. tnx woody...yeah i'm gonna go with the hawaii maui this time and trigger flowering earlier...i guess i better let the electricty people in to read my meter before i start again....i think they're getting pissed off coz i'm not in a lot...but i pay direct debit so they'll get there money anyway....the annoying thing is that they come every 3 out....Sid
  5. looks great.... if thats your first grow??? im not sure but man nice long buds .... congrats G+ growers p[lus =P nice harvest
  6. thanks...yip it was my first attempt and i'm glad it went well....i don't think i could fail with the amount of questions i asked i'm gonna hope the next one is good as well.....Peace out....Sid
  7. Congrats on the harvest! Hope you have as much fun smoking it as you did watching that big bastard grow.
  9. i wish i's a sativa there's no doubting that but i thought for my first grow i'd go with a seed from a good bag of grass that a friend of mine got, didn't want to waste my Maui seeds in case i messed it up...hopefully it will be good smoke....Peace out....Sid

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