The hardest question you've ever been asked that left you speechless..

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Weed Macgyver, May 20, 2010.

  1. hey gc

    my friend and i earlier were sitting around smoking and watching deadliest catch and out of no where i asked him

    "how do crab fishermen smoke cigarettes and work without getting the cigarette wet when the waves are splashing on the side of the boat?"

    he just stared at me and was like ".. i really don't know man"

    so, what's the hardest question you've ever been asked and couldn't answer?
  2. "Did you hit that already?"

  3. oh, i laughed :hello:

  4. this.
  5. "what is trans-photonic-neurons?"
  6. "Who's in my mouth?"
  7. Would you kill yourself if you knew for certain there was an afterlife, but you weren't sure if it was anything like your earthly life?
  8. "Are u cuming??" *release*

  9. this is fucked
  10. *well smokin with a couple of buds i slumped over (to high i guess)* any wais my friend asked me

    *ARE YOU DEAD DUDE) to high to answer so i just laughed (first time i ever got stoned to)
    (perty baked right now so sorry if this one is lame)
  11. "dude.. you there?"
  12. basikly this (thanks for clarifyin lol) :hello:
  13. Is it a bigger deal for a movie star to meet a famous music artist or a famous music artist to meet a movie star?
  14. "Are you a secret agent?"
  15. "If you're stuck in a room with no doors, and only table. How do you get out?"
  16. Through the door frame. Since there are no doors you can just walk through the big empty spot where the door used to be. :hello:
  17. How do you feel about commitment in a relationship?

    *Tha Professor has been defeated.*
  18. "Why do you want to be with me?" (as in a relationship)
  19. "how much wood could a wood chuck chuck, if a wood chuck could chuck wood?"
  20. holy crap man!!! u got my mind boggled!! (and i gues bash the walls out with the table but then agian if it dosent work your out a good friend mr table:smoking::cry:
    lol i am way to stoned

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