The hardest decision you will make in the next five minutes

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Which one would you give up

  1. I can live without weed- but I need music

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  2. I can live without music- but I need weed

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  1. We've had the whole sex or weed thing- i thought this would be more interesting
  2. i would choose music. i love everthing about music. going to concerts and all that. andrew wk is great. ayone see him on conan obrien last night?
  3. MUSIC. It has to be music of course. That's something I can't live without but weed can come and go. It's not needed on a daily basis. but I have to listen to music. I love partying, raving, and going to concerts as well. Music is euphoric. :)
  4. is great...imagine a world without music..nothing to listen to while driving to work....nothing in the background of movies....nothing to cheer you up when you're depressed..and nothing to give you an excuse to make an ass of yourself on the dance floor!... sounds just as good while drunk!

    (ARRRGHHH look closer!!!!!how could yo say that!?....honestly can people who like him please try and explain to me why he's so incredible?....Yes I saw him on conan..making an ass of himself!...he stands on the stage, headbanks and flails his arm up and down, up and down and then "sings" a small batch of lyrics that arent creative at all....if anyone has talent in that group it'd have to be the guitarists and drummer...but even they barely have talent considering it takes six damn guitarists to play a few riffs and the same notes.....maybe Im just blind and don't see the incredible talent hese guys have, I dunno...if someone can educate me about this brilliant man a little more, maybe i'd have more respect for him and his music)
  5. I have always needed music in my life. Music is what has helped mold, shape me into who I am today, and helped me through difficult times. It's the ultimate mood-enhancer/changer, and I couldn't live without it. I have lived without weed just fine before, and definitely WOULD give up weed in a minute if it meant I couldn't listen to music.
    I could go on forever, but will spare you guys...

    Definitely music over weed, ANY day, ANY time.
  6. ok nubbin, ill be the first to admit, his conan performance was lacking. but.....i had the chance to go see him live back in may, and because i had his cd and really liked it cuz it has a positive and uplifting message, and it is not like anything else out there right now. any ways, i thought he was a total joke at first. but then when i saw him live everything changed. throught th whole concert it was total interaction. people were up on the stage dancing with him, people in the crowd singing with him....every one was having a fucking blast. then after the show while the other bands played, he sat for about 4 hours signing autographs, only they were more like letters, for anyone who wanted one. its really not that he has great talent or that hes incredibly orignal, its just thathe has such an amazing personality, and hes REAL. hes not some big jackass, hes just a guy trying to get people to have fun with their lives. not six guitarists either. the drummer i talented, hes from the old metal band obituary. and also andrew is talented, he plays every instrument in the band but he needed a way to tour so he got a band. anyways...thats why i like him. simple music with a simple message....have fun.
  7. music is the thing that gets me through anger and sadness. who could live witho ut it
  8. music is the thing that gets me through anger and sadness. who could live witho ut it
    and its awesome to chill to
  9. I tried to vote but have been having a problem with that(yes, I talked to kees about it).

    I love MaryJane but music is what I believe really makes the world go 'round. It can make me happy, it can make me sad, it can me get pumped up, it can help me calm down. I love music and feel blessed to have such an appreciation for certain bands out there that truly knew and know how to put it all together.

    But like I said in the whole sex/weed thing where I chose sex, I can't see me ever having to choose and if I did then I would revolt and have both. It was something like that, anyway.
  10. can get me high just as well as weed, not necessarily the same high, but a high none the less, it can get me through a day :D.....weed is weed is weed, but, music is FUCKING MUSIC.......not to short change weed in any way tho god love the lil bastard :D
  11. yeah i seen conan, my dad thought the song sucked, i like hair bands because uh i like long hair. But i have to admit too that the song blew ass.
  12. andrew wk has a fan lol
  13. dont be a dick cheebalaganja.
  14. wow...between the lady postin her boobs on another site, the arguement that its taken up in pandorahs box, and now here, there seems to be some grrness here in the city....

  15. i didn't see them on conan, but i think they're cool. like 80's thrash. i've heard two songs on edgetv. they sound the same, but i love to hear 'em.

    as for the poll, i didn't vote. my life would suck without either. i listen to music when i'm stoned and i'm stoned when i listen to music. see my delima (sp)?
  17. i decided in a no doubt
  18. I guess I'd pick weed, simply because if you're high enough you can pretty much hear shit all the time anyway. I guess you'd hafta use your imagination, huh?
  19. yer but the music would have to exist in your head- which would not be possible cos music would not exist.
  20. I love can make you happy when you are down and when you need to have a good cry there is no shortage of songs out there to assist in such a need...

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