The hard times.

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  1. what is the most desperate thing you have ever smoked out of. Mine is a soda can and i'm sure a lot of us have been there. :(
  2. a homemade water bottle bong lol... it was actually pretty legit but, of course, doesn't last too long
  3. I put a hole in the side of a waterbottle and i made an aluminum bowl in the hole where you drink from, surprisingly the highest ive ever been was when i smoked out of one of those water bottle bowls
  4. Water bottle bongs, pop can pipes, fruit pipes and ground pipes would all make the list in no particular order. Now that I have discovered how to effectively use rolling paper technology I can avoid such primitive means.
  5. Nothing, smoking out of plastic and shit is for like 15 year olds who cant find pipes, i would rather not smoke at all then smoke out of tin foil/water bottle
  6. Bible paper with ink on it
  7. An apple....I never ever ever ever ever lower my standards for smoking if it could potentially hurt my body. Theres no point, I'd rather grab a pack of papers or wait until the opportunity to go to my LHS for some glass, but most of the time I can find a pack of papers somewhere even at the most random times.
  8. Pretty sure, it was a metal travel pipe I found on the ground at a festival......Don't ask.
  9. I've made pipe out of an apple once. It actually turned out pretty decent.
  10. beer can...Apple.. but Newspaper strips will probably win...
    and like Funkadelic says..
    "Soul is a joint rolled in toliet paper"
  11. I've smoked out of soda cans and plastic bottle bongs but the most desperate thing I've used would have to be a ratchet head. Kept burning my lips and shit cause its so short.

    My all time low though would have to be when I smoked resinated papers out of said ratchet head cause I had no bud or bowl.
  12. A broken car antenna. Packed it with some weed at one end, smoked from the other end. A little harsh, but worked quite well. Like a metal cigarette.
  13. Lol da fuck!
  14. A pen tube with a socket in it.

    Slightly melted about the last 3/4 inch of the tube and bent it upwards. Went to Lowes and stole a socket small enough to fit in the tube. Took a piece of foil from a pack of cigarettes and used it as a screen in the socket.

    Got me high as fuck for about 3 weeks. I was oblivious of the dangers of smoking out of plastic, being 17 at the time lol
  15. A joint made from newsprint drawing paper, and later an apple. Then we bought a pipe. No problems after that.

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