The Happiest Story You Will Ever Read.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by GreenRush, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. Waddup GC! Just had probably the best night of my life last night. I went to my mates 19th, was there for about 20 minutes, sober, no pre's. Just talking, I got there kind of early so it hadn't really kicked off yet. I go to check the time, can't find my phone. Check all my pockets, my whole bag, can't find it, so I think someone's taken. I have a few drinks and lose my mind in conversation and alcohol and forget about my phone.
    The night goes on great, a lot of drinking, no smoking for now, that's for later on in the night. I start chatting up this girl, we'll call her K. K and I leave his house to his backyard where he has a granny flat kind of thing, where he smokes and chills. We sit down talking and drinking watching the footy ( you Americans have to google that ) she pulls out some bud and rolls up a splif. We smoke it and continue to drink. By this time I'm pretty fucked I've had about 6 beers and a couple shots, I only drink about once every 5 months so yeah I'm a light weight with alcohol. Anyway she's only about 5'8 so I'm pretty sure she's close to my level if not past it. I crack open my last beer...sadly in my right hand, we play a game if you have your drink in your right hand you have to skull it. So she points it out and I say if I can skull it in less than 3 seconds she's got to kiss me. She's a pretty shy person i guess because  we finally came to the conclusion of on the cheek, yeah bitch I know but keep reading I have my ways!
    I know most people have seen it, there's been a video posted on GC a fair few times of a guy that goes to hooters and skulls drinks for kisses, yeah we'll my uncle taught me how to skull a beer like that, how to open up your throat. Anyway I do it and she goes in for it but I did the same as him and push my face to the side and we kiss on the lips. She pulls away in shock, but quickly changes her expression to a big grin and starts to laugh. I didn't waste time and got back into. We continue to hook up for a while, I realise it's pretty late in the night and I told my mate I was going to be over his house an hour ago. So I go to say I have to boost ( yeah I know what you're thinking but as far as I knew about this girl she was the stereotypical 'perfect' kind of girl, or straight edge whatever you want to call it ) so I start to pull away a bit but she pills me closer and then suddenly unzips my pants and starts going at it. This continues for a minute or two till she pulls away smiling, she gets up off the couch and kneels in front of me and pulls down my pants and starts doing her thing. Thinking back on this now it's so fucked I would never have picked her for the type to just randomly do that, thank god for the horny water.
    She stops because we start to hear footsteps. I quickly pull up my pants and she sits back up. My mate walks in and says he's found my phone, he found it under the table, was so happy. I decide it's time to leave, I call a cab to take me to my mates.
    The cab comes and I arrive at my mates house, I go to pull out my weed but its not in my bag, I look everywhere, not in there. I was like fuck not this phone situation again. I retrace my steps through the drive way to the street, as I get to the street I look down and see a $20 note. I pretty much shat myself. The weed I lost was pretty much worth $20 so I stood there and thanked karma for a bit. I go back inside and tell him what I found. We have the last cone of his stuff and then I decide to leave cause I want to wake up in my own bed. My bro comes and picks me up and takes me home.
    I walk into my room and take off all my clothes except my underwear, I lie down and pass out.
    I wake up at 6am and go to the kitchen to get a drink, as I walk in I hear this tink tink, I turn on the light and look down and there on the floor is my weed container, I must have put it next to my balls and forgot about it and went to bed with it in there, I was that drunk I didn't feel it ahah
    so now I'm here smoking the herb and typing this up. Fuck that took forever, much love GC I'm feeling good!

  2. Tell me you got that girls number?
  3. Yes sir yes I did.
  4. Haha, was a very fruitful day indeed.
  5. Great story dude
  6. So, hows a bj from a girl that doesnt brush her teef?
  7. ^^^ what?

    Nice story op. Girls can be full of surprises. One time I was chillin with this girl I like and out of nowhere she grabs my dick, whips it out and went down for about 10 seconds until I tore off her clothes and fucked. We were actually sober and smoked so much weed after that. That was back when I was in the game and had at least an oz in my trunk at any time. Makes me miss high school
  8. Such a great story haha. Bravo  :hello:
  9. momentum was on your side that day
  10. try reporting it to your local news station, say you tired of all the sad stories and want a happy one for a change of pace :p
  11. There is two types of people in the world.....
    Hahah would probably get paid, there's no happy stories in my town!

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