The Hangover

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  1. Classic movie.. Im going to watch it again but this time im blazin before.
  2. i smoked a fatass blunt before that movie...i guarantee we smelled like weed really bad when we were walking in lol...funny ass movie...too bad every funny ass movie i go to i always forget cuz im always high lol.

    zach glifinaukus (sp??) character was fuckin hilarious...even tho he kinda seemed like he was trying to be tom green lol...loved it when he was like "i put X in there cuz i knew u guys wouldnt do it voluntaringly...but i guess they were roofies" lmao
  3. it was funny, but way too stupid, it was wayy too over the top
  4. yea i kinda agree still funny tho

    what about the pics at the end? the dude with the beard was getting his dick sucked lol you guys think that was just a photo shp from a porno or real?

  5. i bet it was real...that was hilarious
  6. ha, I really fucking enjoyed this movie, funny as hell.
  7. I am going to see this tonight, is it worth it...or is there anything else I should bring my girlfriend to ?
  8. that movie was funny as hell smoked a blunt b4 watching it might go see it again:hello:
  9. i need to see this movie
  10. anyone got an online link???
    or any free movie shit online
  11. I need too get as high as fuck and see this movie. Too bad I can't spend any of my money right now.
  12. "I didn't know they handed out rings at the holocaust!"

    Made the entire theater just gasp and laugh like fuckin' crazy. Best movie I've seen in a while.
  13. Oh man i got so high and went to see this movie last night. Hysterical, even after my high wore off.
  14. I went and saw this today. Didn't get high like I wanted too but it was still freakin' hilarious. Is it that much better high??

  15. I mean yes it is, but my high wore off halfway through the movie and i was laughing just as hard as when i was baked.
  16. I'd have to say the part with the baby was the best. "Carlos, not at the table!"
  17. "Hey! She is a nice lady!" hahahahah so funny. Zack Galifianakis delivers that line so perfect
  18. the tazer scene was the best that shit had me dying

  19. haha i completely fogot about that part...lmao...then they gave that guy 80 grand for a drug dealer that thye thought was doug lol
  20. haha, i love when the cop was like, "i like the intensity"

    such a funny as movie.

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