The Haiku Game

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    Poster 1: 5 syllables
    Poster 2: 7 syllables
    Poster 3: 5 syllables

    That's the formula for this game. Make sense?

    I'll try to edit in all of the complete haikus we make together. If anyone messes up I'll try to fix their line without changing it too much.This is collaborative.

    I'll start:

    Floorboards softly creek

    (... now the next poster writes down 7 syllables to continue it)

    Completed haikus:

    Floorboards softly creek
    Through the eerie winding halls
    Crisp footsteps flow out

    A wheel turns clockwise
    In a devilish demise
    Spirals into sin
  2. Through the eerie winding halls

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