The HAB Theory, Cataclysms of the Earth, Polar Shift, Crust Displacement and other fun stuff.

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    Previous Poles
    With the same methods employed we can find each successive cap tracking backwards in time as the roll moves the cap some 80 degrees each time.
    BP 1 = Lake Chad
    BP 2 = Hudson Bay
    BP 3 = Caspian Sea
    All three sites are the focal points of very large drainage systems. Rivers that flow into the basins formed by previous caps.
    Other possible sites include
    Gobi Desert
    Lake Victoria
    Mar Chiquita, Argentina
    Black Sea
    Death Valley
    Amazon Valley
    Biakal Lake, USSR
    Lake Winnipeg
    Nullarbor Plain SW Australia
    Baffin Bay
    Baltic Sea
    Congo Basin
    Mediterranean Sea
    Great Bear Lake
    Great Salt Lake, Utah
    Thar Desert, India
    Lake Michigan
    Lake Huron
    Lake Superior
    Angola Basin
    Bighorn Basin, Wyoming
    Takla Makan Desert North of the Himalayas
    Canary Basin
    Great Slave Lake
    Argentine Basin
    Wharton Basin south of Djakarta
    Each of these sites show radial striae pinpointing a former cap.

    Evidence indicates a cap may grow to maturity in a little as 2,900 years but the average is 5,750 with a rare event reaching 6,500 years.
    No other epoch in the last dozen comes close to the 7,500 years this one has lasted.
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    Chandler Wobble
    Is it just me or.....
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  3. What? I don't get it. Help.

    Might have been lots o flipping before they put the moon in place right where every so often it perfectly... perfectly blocks the sun. Need to research if a pair like ours exists elsewhere.

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  4. "before they put the moon in place"

    Sounds ridiculous until you realize that there is no sufficient natural explanation, and compound that with the evidence for ancient high technology.

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  5. upload_2018-1-12_18-52-0.jpeg
    Before we get back to the book I thought I'd post some shots of the Longyou caves in China as they were undiscovered and full of water until 1995
    36 nearly identical HUGE chambers.

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  6. Cool... limestone?

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  7. Yes limestone.
    Old and new tech ?? LOL
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