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The HAB Theory, Cataclysms of the Earth, Polar Shift, Crust Displacement and other fun stuff.

Discussion in 'The Bookshelf' started by BrassNwood, Oct 24, 2017.

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  2. Very interesting. What really got me was the wash line on the pyramids. Never looked at it like that before. I think this is worth a follow

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  3. Browsed some of it, didn't really find any evidence to convince me the poles used to be in another location. Not that I am opposed to that and maybe I didn't look hard enough.

    I am a 'catastrophist' so much of the info I read from that link I was already familiar with. Correct me if I am wrong since you are more familiar with the hypothesis, but it seems to me the assumption is that the poles have always been cold, since we know mammoths etc were not adapted for cold, the poles must have moved. (Very boiled down of course)

    If we take a catastrophe model, I think it is hard to assume that the poles were necessarily cold before the deluge. Whatever sparked the Ice Age and the mini ice ages since could have thrown the Earths climate well out of whack.

    Anyway, without me having to parse through all that page or others, is there any compelling reason that you are aware of for assuming the poles were radically different that couldn't be explained another way?

  4. No one piece of the puzzle that I can point out is that startling it's more the total of bits and pieces that start to tip the scales in your head.
    I was reading something last week on a Japanese study on warm water coral that only grows in a narrow range of 15 degrees either side of the equator. Prehistoric bands have been found that run in all directions on the planet and appears some cross the polar regions at near right angles. Naturally I can't find that particular thread now that I'm looking for it.
    Eckhart's book is the best on the subject as he drew from many of Professor Hapgood's 1950s books on both the Path of the Pole and the Maps of the Sea Kings. The 1967 self published Cataclysms of the Earth was his other prime source of material and Eckhart did have some personal contact with Brown

    The Einstein-Hapgood Papers

    from Flem-Ath Website

    Charles Hapgood first came to public attention in the mid-1950s with his theory of earth crust displacement, a radical geological idea which attracted the curiosity and support of Albert Einstein. The Einstein-Hapgood correspondence is a forgotten page in the history of science. We obtained these letters (ten from Einstein to Hapgood) from Albert Einstein’s Archives in the Fall of 1995. They show, for the first time, just how extensively Albert Einstein was involved in assisting Charles Hapgood in the development of the theory of earth crust displacement.

    In his second reply (24 November 1952) to Hapgood, Einstein wrote that the idea of earth crust displacement should not be ruled out "a priori" just because it didn’t fit with what we wanted to believe about the earth’s past. What was needed, Einstein claimed, was solid "geological and paleontological facts."

    For six months, Hapgood gathered geological evidence to support the idea of an earth crust displacement. On the 3rd of May 1953 he forwarded thirty-eight pages of this evidence to Einstein. Central to his argument was Hapgood’s evidence that Lesser Antarctica was ice-free at the same time that North America lay smothered in ice. Einstein responded (8 May 1953):

    "I find your arguments very impressive and have the impression that your hypothesis is correct. One can hardly doubt that significant shifts of the crust have taken place repeatedly and within a short time."

    He urged Hapgood to follow up on evidence of "earth fractures". A month later (11 June 1953) Hapgood sent Einstein forty-two pages of evidence on earth fractures and the evolution of the ice sheets.

    Einstein wrote (17 December 1953) Hapgood urging him to address the "centrifugal momentum" problem. Hapgood responded with four pages on this problem and thirty-seven pages of "paleontological evidence" including the frozen mammoths of Arctic Siberia. Einstein was now convinced. On the 18th of May 1954, Einstein wrote a very favorable foreword for Hapgood’s book EARTH’S SHIFTING CRUST: A KEY TO SOME BASIC PROBLEMS OF EARTH SCIENCE (published in 1958 by Pantheon Books, New York). The Foreword begins:

    "I frequently receive communications from people who wish to consult me concerning their unpublished ideas. It goes without saying that these ideas are very seldom possessed of scientific validity. The very first communication, however, that I received from Mr. Hapgood electrified me...."

    Hapgood and Einstein continued to correspond and finally met in January of 1955. Einstein’s last letter was dated the 9th of March 1955 just weeks before the great physicist died on the 18th of April 1955. Einstein’s Archives are held in Jerusalem (with copies at Princeton) where they hold the record of an unique and unheralded collaboration on the theory of earth crust displacement.

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    I FREAKING ROCK. !!! In my paperback library at our part time cabin in the woods at the end of one of the stacks not to deep I found my last surviving copy of.
    The HAB Theory.
    I will start to dig out the bits that have kept haunting me over the last 40 odd years since I first read the damned thing.
    Mines got a few more stress marks on the cover and the back binding is in worse shape on my copy.
    Piri Reis Map Evidence of Past Polar Shifts
    United Earth - Forbidden Archaeology
    Great write up
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    In essence the HAB Theory states that periodically at intervals ranging from 3,000 to 7,000 years averaging 5,500 years the polar caps grow large enough to overcome the equatorial bulge and centrifugal force rotates the polar caps towards the equator regions. The equatorial bulge is being dragged out of it's normal position and it'll fight the oncoming ice mass for position so the caps don't move a full 90 degrees to the equator but stopping short moving an estimated 70-80 degrees
    The resulting Cataclysm wipes the planet clean of virtually all traces of any high civilizations and much plant and animal life.
    The huge mass of the Antarctic cap wouldn't present such a problem if it was centered over the axis of rotation but the south pole continent is considerably off-center of the actual pole.
    In the current era the Northern cap never formed to any great extent as it's all ocean except for parts of Greenland and they are far enough off the pole not to have formed the 2 mile high entrapment the southern cap has formed.
    For example if the pole was at Chicago the current mass of ice would cover all of North America to a depth of two miles high and push Icebergs off both coasts.
    Planetary wind convection heats warm moisture laden tropical air and sends it pole ward where it dumps it's load of water as snow in a never ending cycle and with the perpetually low temps the ice impacts and turns to Glacier ice. Some two hundred ninety-three cubic miles of ice is deposited annually on the Southern Cap.
    Our current Epoch is some 7,500 years old according to several sources like the Niagara Falls creep rate.
    Dating Niagara Falls | The Institute for Creation Research
    I have no particular bias for or against creationism as several points of the bible can be well explained by the HAB Theory this site was just the first I pulled with that chunk of Info. I'll likely pull data from any source just as verification of the original hypothesis origins.
    7,000-9,000 years :) We'll see that 7,500 number enough times it'll seem like an old friend real soon.
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  7. good stuff. Speaking to advanced ancient civilizations I find sacred geometry found in different regions of the world thousands of years before the Greeks and their accredited development of geometry quite interesting.
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  8. Page 235
    we get into the dating of the past epochs
    BP2 ( 2 before the current ) puts the polar cap in the Hudson bay.
    Clay is formed by the grinding of rocks under glacial pressure and the under glacial currents deposit the material in annual layers called varves and each varve represents one year. These clay beds occur over much of the northern part of North America at the edge of the former Ice sheet
    Core drilling from Minnesota and New Jersey both show clear identical numbers of layers at 6,600 dating the length of that cap duration.
    Page 238
    Talks about the mammoths found with un-chewed vegetation in their mouths suggesting the rollover occurred with high speed killing and plunging the animals into subzero conditions so fast they didn't have time to finish the bite just taken. While the Siberian remains are often found quite intact the carcasses found in Alaska, New York and Canada are usually smashed and pulverized suggesting very violent forces ripped the brutes apart before they got the deep freeze treatment.
    HAB rollover accounts for the destruction or lack of depending on location and the torque applied as your section of the earth either speeds up or slows down to meet the new axis of rotation.
    Page 240
    In Yellowstone park not far from the continental divide is a mountain split in half by a quake in the mid 1960s. It shows 17 distinct layers of trees standing upright with a layer of rock between each layer of trees. Rock laid down as clay.
    HAB theory says this is clear proof of cataclysmic flooding again and again and yet again.
    Every mountain top on the planet has fossil evidence of fish ocean marine shells and the only way that gets there is. :)
    Page 241
    Virtually every race on the planet has a flood and mass death story where just a handful of lucky-(Devout)
    People survive and start the world over.
    The Bible actually has several once you change your viewpoint and take the stories as the pure unvarnished truth. People actually describing what they saw. None of that metaphysical crap just believe they are telling what was seen.
    Greeks have theirs
    Hindu's got one
    Chaldea cuneiform describes one.
    Confucius starts his narrative with "As the flood recedes".

    Tracking Previous Polar sites.

    Lake Chad being one of the caps in BP1. The Sudan basin covers a depressed dent in the earth of 4 million square miles roughly 4/5ths the size of the current Antarctic cap. Fresh water lake but it has no outlet to the sea.
    Other former Ice Cap sites include
    Hudson Bay=BP2
    Death valley
    Amazon Basin
    Gobi Desert
    Great Slave Lake, Canada
    Matanuska Valley, Alaska
    Black Sea
    Caspian Sea
    Back to Lake Chad, When the roll over happened Africa or most of the Northern part that was Polar Ice flipped to near tropics where it melted under the blazing sun and left behind the 4 million square mile lake where the Ice cap had been. The Earliest Egyptians would have lived in a much different climate with that huge lake supplying moisture to the prevailing westerly winds.
    A civilization that went downhill as fast as the lake receded in the distance taking the wet rains with it and leaving desert behind.
    Contemporary with the Egyptians of 4,000 BC to 3,000 BC were the Berbers of the Sahara desert who's ancient well rendered paintings show swimmers and boats on the surface of what can only be Lake Chad before it evaporated and shrunk from the continent spanning inland freshwater sea it once covered to the few thousand square miles it is now.
    This covered the start and explains as much of the story stripped of the love triangle the novel wove through it
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    Page 296
    More on the phenomenal speed that the South pole cap grows.
    Evidence the polar cap was essentially ice from at the time the Egyptians started downhill around 4,500 BC or about 6,500 years ago.
    Up till 3,000 years ago the cap grew higher and wider but was still far from covering the continent and its largest mass was still centered over the pole-axis of spin. As the ice reached 2 miles in height is began it's glacier spread in all directions roughly when Christianity began. With the mass of ice growing it presses down with ever greater force eventually squeezing the rock from under it in a process known as isostasy it flows the rock under it up into a mountain range in front of the oncoming ice further increasing the total impoundment of ice on the continent.
    85 billion tons of new ice is added every month, Month after month, Year after year,
    300 years ago some of the ice mass pushed the perimeter mountains off the edge and started spilling ice bergs.
    Greenland shows much the same effects with the center of the islands pushed well below sea level with a range of perimeter mountains ringing the impoundment.
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  10. Page 299
    The Meat of the matter. Filed under T for Thermonuclear !!
    Blast the perimeter mountains down and let a large portion of ice out of the impoundment.
    Drastic ?? You bet. Less destructive then the planet rolling ?? Well yes but. :) Damned if you do and double damned if you don't.
    Shouldn't take more then 200 of our best multi megaton devices to do the job.
    Opps a little rise in background radiation.
    Likely kill off most of the Penguins and Southern ocean sea life.
    Nuclear winter over the entire planet for a few decades.
    Raise in sea level of 20-50 feet depending on who's numbers we play with.
    In Substance either we limit the growth of the South Polar Ice Cap or we accept the limitations it'll place on the length of our civilizations existence.
    There are no other alternatives.
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  11. Hmmm interesting
  12. Page 362
    Suspecting that the Atomic solution would be unacceptable to world leaders another approach is looked at. The 2 pivotal points will be largely unaffected by the actual motion in a roll over scenario.
    The greatest mass of ice on both caps is to the east. This offset weight is the cause of the Chandler wobble and it peaks every 14 months.
    The capsize will occur at the peak of wobble and can be seen in star movement photos. The closer to a pivot point the less movement is seen on the image. At the 2 actual points no Chandler wobble movement is seen at all.
    If-when she rolls the 2 largely unaffected points will be in the pacific not far from the Philippine islands and the other is on the African coast of the Indian ocean at Formosa Bay.
    While the land won't be subjected to the torqueing effects the rest of the globe will see it'll still be nature on an all out rampage as hurricanes, tornados, Tidal waves, Volcanoes, Electrical discharges in the mega volt range. All tear loose at once as the balance the earth has enjoyed so long is completely ripped asunder. If the roll over doesn't kill you outright surviving the next day, week, month, year will be no picnic as every volcanic region on the planet cut loose and it'll be a year or 3 before enough dust settles to grow anything. St Helens dust took that long and more to settle out.
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  13. Page 374
    Some of the better known out of place things
    A human footprint in 15 million year old Nevada USA limestone clearing showing stitching on the sole.

    How did ancient Peruvians smelt Platinum when the melting point is 3,150 F degrees ? Only reached in modern sophisticated furnaces.
    How was Chinese General Chow (AD 316) found in an Aluminum Girdle when Aluminum wasn't isolated until 1825 ? and the metal itself wasn't refined until 1886 ?

    Egyptians and Babylonians knew about the moons of Jupiter and Saturn but the telescope wasn't invented by Galileo until 1610 ?
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    Page 395
    Spilling out of a solid block of Coal in Lower Austria in 1877 estimated to be 300,000 year was a cube of Iron-Nickle tempered to an unusual hardness. Measuring 5.08 x 7.62 cm. 2 sides are convex while the other 4 are perfectly square to an extreme precision
    Also discovered in Coal another was found 8 years later not far away at Voklabruck slightly smaller at 67 x 47 mm but has the same pair of convex sides and the incised groove that circles the items .
    Conducted electron-beam microanalysis showed that the strange metal cuboid had no traces of nickel, chromium or cobalt in its composition, but instead was composed of a kind of forged iron.

    This composition seemed to rule out the hypothesis that the “cube” was a meteorite, as some had earlier suggested.
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  15. Page 396-397

    Marcahuasi, Peru


    The range of faces of people and animals is extremely wide representing Semites, Caucasians and Negros none of which were present until 500 years ago in this part of the world. Alongside the indigenous animals of South America are Camels, Cows, Lions Elephants and other animals that never lived here. Even a carving of the turtles long dead ancestor the Amphichelydia who has been extinct for 180 million years. Also heads of horses that didn't came to South America until the Spanish introduced them in the 1500s.
    Horses in SA had been extinct 9,000 years ago

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  16. Page 398
    From China comes the story of the Ten Stems that tell how china made a great leap to the artic and remained for 3,000 years with much death and destruction. Another great leap brought them back to nearly the same position where they remain to this day.
    All small Children know the story of K'ung-futze in his history of china that begins with
    As the waters receded that had been raised to the skies.
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  17. Page 502
    Ultimately the capsizing motion stops when the new bulge of earth materials meets and merges with the oncoming ice cap to stabilize the earth on it's new Axis of Figure.
    Because the Antarctic continent was 13 miles closer to the center of the planet at it's polar location then it will be at the equator it will have moved upward a considerable distance, elevating far more land mass then what was previously there.
    Consequently Equatorial regions suddenly shifted to the polar zones will find themselves at the bottom of the sea.
    Thus part of the kinetic energy created by the capsizing is dissipated by the elevation and submergence of various areas on the face of the globe.
    More pertinent to the current problem the next capsize will result in the Antarctic continent becoming the center of a new great land hemisphere and at the same time the current Artic area including Alaska, Northern Canada Greenland and Northern Europe will become the center of a water hemisphere and will be the bottom of a huge ocean comparable to the current pacific ocean.

    To Clarify you need to understand the two parts of our planet. The current Northern Hemisphere is a Land half made up of 46% land and 54% water while the Southern is a Water Half made up of 11% land and 89% water.
    So more then 3/4 of the land mass is North of the Equator. The principal reason for this is apparently the last 3 rollovers were caused by the Northern cap while the next one will be caused by the Southern cap and may reverse the Land and Water Hemispheres with much greater surface disruption then in the prior events that occurred when the Northern land mass was already in existence.
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    Page 503
    The North Pole doesn't have a true cap and the reason is no land mass just 4,000 feet of sea water under it limits the North cap to between 12 and 16 feet thick not the towering 2 mile monster the South cap is. Pacific current drive some 41 billon tons of water at 4.5 miles per hour pushing the ice gradually eastward to the atlantic where it breaks up as icebergs. If not for the lack of land and the warm current a Northern cap would have formed centuries ago disrupting our little party.
    During the mid 1860s it was discovered the earth had developed a slight wobble when first noted it it amount to just 1 inch at a speed of less then two feet per hour. At the books writing in 1976 it was 1/2 a mile.
    increasing chandler wobble - Google Search




    Chandler wobble is pulling the pole towards the great lakes down West Latitude 90.
    All that Ice is pulling Antarctica up East Latitude 90 towards India and the Bay of Bengal
    What I need is a graph of the Chandler motion against the increasing mass of the South polar Cap.
    I've got some corroborating evidence I'll get to that global warming is in fact pushing the South polar vortex to record speeds growing the Southern cap even faster. It would account for the missing water global warming says should have already inundated parts of the lowest lying areas world wide.
    If West Antarctica is melting while the East is still growing our little issue of imbalance is getting worse not better. If it was better the Chandler wobble should be getting less and the pole moving back to the West where it belongs.
    Sudden change in direction of the Chandler Wobble
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  19. Page 504
    Surface Disruptions
    The kinetic energy involved in rotating the planet is extreme with the entire planet undergoing transformations.
    Elevating, descending, bending, stretching, crushing, wrinkling, splitting. Creating huge mountain ranges such as the current Rockies-Andes likely formed when the planet came to a stop and material in motion piled up.
    Vast splits and tears will be seen on the reverse side of the globe where the earth was ripped apart like the great rift that reaches clear down the length of Africa.
    Page 505
    Equatorial Bulge Displacement
    Capsizing will start slow but rapidly gain speed until the polar caps pass 45 degrees when they'll start to come to an equally rapid stop between 10-15 degrees of the former equator line. The reason the Caps don't swing a full 90 degrees is the equatorial bulge had been moving as well but at a much slower rate much like sending a wave down a length of carpet. As the 2 masses meet and merge they will establish a new Axis of Spin and stabilize the planet.
    Page 506
    Result and Aftermath.
    Total Disaster over much of the face of the globe. The incredible amount of energy created when the planet tilted will show as massive disturbances in all forms of water and air.
    Torrential rains, Dust storms, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Water spouts, Electrical storms of incredible magnitude. Earthquakes off the scales as we know it.
    With the oceans rocked to their core tidal waves of unbelievable size will roar from all sides hammering the old and new continents to pieces. Every volcano and magma vent will cut loose adding to the general confusion.

    There will not be the gradual withdrawal of ice rather the caps now setting almost on the equator will melt in just a few decades hammering the planet with more massive quakes as the earth adjusts to the huge changes in weights. Ocean levels will rise drastically as the cap melts until at last a new equilibrium is reached and the next thousand years will see a mostly quiet place.
    As it disappears the old cap will leave telltale evidence of it's presence as a vast depression in the earth with a ring of perimeter mountains, hills or plateaus thrust up by the cap raising gradually on the inside and falling away rapidly on the outside of the old impoundment.
    The sure fire sign of earth materials squeezed by Isostasy out from under a former cap. Glacial Striations will show clearly on some of the rocks. Riverbeds form and glacial runoff will carve deep channels as the 2 mile tall cap melts.


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